3 Months Pregnant with 3.0

Here we are.  3+ months pregnant and my first pregnancy update.  I'm currently 14 weeks (+ 5 days) pregnant, and my due date is less than six months away.  I have yet to feel "pregnant".  Still none of the classic symptoms I experienced with the boys, and to this day, I've had absolutely no morning sickness.  Of course, I'm very, very thankful for that, but it's also a little nerve-wracking to have no reassurance that things are proceeding normally in there.  My neighbor gave me a fetal heart monitor, but honestly, I'm too nervous to use it because I fear I won't find the baby's heartbeat and unnecessarily freak out as a result.  My next appointment is one week from today at 15.5 weeks and I think I'll feel more at ease after that appointment. 

Since we don't yet know the baby's gender, we have done nothing to prepare for this baby...which is totally okay seeing there are about 25 weeks to go!  We've discussed new vehicles and I think I have Craig convinced that a minivan is the way to go!  I know, I know.  We both said we'd never, ever own (or drive) a van, but they are just so, so practical and three-kid friendly.  Stay tuned for that final decision.

Craig still has his favorite boy name he's been trying to convince me of and I'm almost on board.  But like I said before, it's hard for me to even think about names until I know the sex of the baby.  And even so, I don't think I can officially name our baby until closer to his/her due date because I'm always worried that something better might come along.


How Far Along: 3 months (14 weeks and 4 days)

Size of Baby: The size of a lemon at 14 weeks and the size of an orange at 15 weeks, so somewhere between the two!  Thanks to my Baby Pics App for keeping me in the loop with these food comparisons.

Milestone: Second trimester!
 And can I just say, since it's finally summer, I know this trimester is going to fly.  I will be nearing the end of this trimester upon returning to school in August and it's crazy to think my pregnancy will be 2/3 over by then!

Gender: For the first 12ish weeks, I thought nothing but girl, but lately, I'm having feelings that it's a boy.  Perhaps because that is all I know, or perhaps because I don't want to convince myself girl like I did with Brantley.  Like I said before, the thought of three boys sounds super, duper sweet, but I would sure love a little girl to dress up, as well!

Weight Gain: You guys, I am up 11 pounds already!!!!!!!!  Yes, 11 (as compared to 5/6 at this point with Holden)!  Part of me is terrified for what's to come, while the other part of me is like "Whatever it's your last pregnancy, enjoy it!"  But seriously, 11 pounds?!?!  It shouldn't surprise me, as I've been eating all. the. sweets.  And I need to remember, I was at an all-time low pre-pregnancy so I guess it's easier to pack on the pounds when there's less to begin.
(Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go for a walk and then eat a salad....)

Food Cravings: No cravings per say.  However, I did see an advertisement for a Royal Blizzard (a hot fudge-filled blizzard) while watching the Royals last week, which reminded me of a the Brownie Bling Pothole from Sheridan's that I love so much.  I convinced Craig I needed one the following day.

Food Aversions: None

Movement: There have been a few times I thought I felt those little baby flutters, but nothing that happens on the regular and nothing definitive just yet.

Sleep: Sleeping great.  Still sans Snoogle.

Clothing: Still my regular wardrobe.  I'm really loving all of the flowy {non-maternity maternity} tops that are in right now!!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: I've definitely had more energy lately.  Of course, part of that could be the result of not having to work every day, or I'm blaming it on that second trimester energy surge.  (Or maybe because Craig is relying less and less on me these days.)  I also wake up at least once overnight to pee and my boobs are very sore and growing.

What I Miss: I would give about anything to enjoy a frosty Blue Moon with a slice of orange.  Ditto to a glass on wine on Monday nights!  I also miss shamelessly drinking multiple cups of coffee in the mornings, especially now that I'm home with two kids.

Best Moment: Obviously making our news public has been the greatest moment to this point. 

Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender, obviously, and growing a more noticeable baby bump.  Since this is likely my final pregnancy and I really want to embrace every part of pregnancy, including sporting a baby bump!

Speaking of, here are my baby bump photos to date!

I'll be back next month with another update.  In the meantime, follow me on IG (@sarahbsides) for weekly bump photos!


  1. You look great lady! I love bump pictures. :) I'm so glad you are feeling good and not having any sickness. I'mgonna go ahead and predict girl. One because you say you've felt different and two because how cute would it be to have a little girl for the boys to love and protect? :)

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling good and not getting sick! I was that same way with Mason. I only felt sick a couple times and other than that, felt great! It was definitely a blessing. I'd say you're having a boy based on that but since it's different than your other boys, maybe it's a girl???
    As for the minivan... I too said I'd never ever own one or drive one for that matter BUT then we rented one two months ago when I went up north for a bridal shower and holy smokes does that thing have a lot of leg room and room in general. As much as I hate to admit it, it probably does make the most sense for three kids...
    PS every time I see you in that shirt, I remember that I NEED to go to Target to find myself one!

  3. Do you have any girl names in the running yet? Names are HARD! We didn't officially name Mila until she was born. We have a favorite right now, but you're right - a new name can come along any moment. So we won't be 100% set until baby #2 is born as well. So glad you've still been feeling great! And you so don't look like you've gained 11 lbs at ALL! You look fantastic!

  4. I love the pictures! Also - no morning sickness sounds great!

  5. You are so adorable, do you know that?! I love pregnancy updates, they are one of my favorite things to read out here in Blog Land. :)

  6. Minivan = game changer. You'll love it! ;)

  7. Love these bump updates!! You look super cute!! And no morning sickness... umm yes please!!

  8. Girl, you are the cutest!

  9. Totally going with girl. And don't worry about the weight! I gained a lot first trimester too, so you're not alone! You should even out - I have!

  10. Hooray for a minivan!!! You know I'll be jealous ;) And you look great!! I've come to the conclusion that you put on weight earlier with each pregnancy...but it usually ends up about the same in the end. That's what I told myself last time anyway! :)

  11. Yay!! You look great, glad you've been feeling well!! :)
    (Please share your car search - as we talk about baby #3, I'm not sure we are convinced of a mini van and want to fit in something else, ha!!)

  12. You look adorable!!!! So excited!

  13. You look amazing, Sarah! I wouldnt worry about weight it all evens out over the long run. I cant wait to find out what youre having! Have any good gender reveal ideas up your sleeve?! Funny story, Brian's first car was a mini van! He legit loves vans haha.

  14. I’m glad you have no morning sickness, but I do understand what you mean about being worried because there are no symptoms! I can’t wait to hear all about your appointment! I know it’s going to go great and give you that reassurance that you need! You look absolutely adorable!