Stitch Fix #10

Also known as the Fix I complained about.

I scheduled this Fix for my birthday, so perhaps I had exceptionally high expectations that I shouldn't have?  I was pretty specific in my requests (a pair of leggings and a longer tunic or two to wear with said leggings) and I linked to a Pinterest board--see below--with 20 or fewer tops, many of a similar style.  Additionally, this is my tenth fix.  I feel like my style should be pretty clear by now.  Yet, lo and behold, I was highly disappointed in my Fix #10.  Here's what I got.

Item #1 | Rune Porter Legging (in black)
I'll give them this.  These are nice leggings.  Thick.  Non-see through.  And basically what I asked for.  At $38, I could justify these, so I kept them.

Item #2 | Lysse Joylyn Ponte Legging (in burgundy)
Another pair of great leggings.  Even thicker than the black pair and almost more of a pant.  I really, really liked how these fit but two problems.  One, they were maroon, which I love, but I wasn't sure how much I had to wear with them.  And two, $78!!!!  $78 for a pair of maroon leggings?  No thanks.

Item #3 | 19 Cooper Clemency Split Neck Tunic
I didn't initially dislike this top, but then I put it on.  It felt cheap and just hung on me.  I didn't feel like it was anything special for the price ($68) and it wasn't flattering, in my opinion.  Big fat sad face...and return.

Item #4 | Skies Are Blue Hesperia Pocket Front Tunic
Another tunic, another tunic I didn't like.  I'm not sure specifically what it is about this one.  I like the colors, but not the stripes.  I feel like pattern is something I'd see on a shirt at Walmart (and no offense to anyone who received and kepts this top!).  It's just not me.  Or not what I had in mind, anyway!  Return.

Item #5 | Mo:Vint Chania Cardigan
And finally, this.  It doesn't look horrible in the photo, but it was extra large, extra long, and seemed like it would snag easily.  I just didn't see myself wearing it.  Return.

Mainly, I think I was disappointed that I got nothing that reflected my Pinterest board.  I had $50 in referral credit just burning a hole in my computer screen and I was hoping that, with that credit, this fix would be my first 5/5 fix.  I was going to simply brush it off (I kept the black leggings after all), but because it was my birthday and I was feeling rather feisty, I decided to email Stitch Fix and voice my concern.  I pointed out that not once have I had the same stylist (a huge disadvantage, in my opinion) and I just didn't feel as if my stylist used my Pinterest board as inspiration--as I had asked!  I honestly didn't expect them to do anything for me (nor was that my intention when I emailed), but they credited me my $20 styling fee so that I could schedule another box right away if I wanted.

And then, instead of scheduling another fix, I hopped on over to Old Navy and spent my birthday money there! ;)

What do you think?  What I too harsh?  Was it worth complaining?


  1. I can't believe you've never had the same stylist and you've had 10 fixes. That's crazy! My stylist did great with the very first one I got, so I specifically requested her for all future fixes. I agree with you though - this one was pretty terrible. I do like the leggings you kept. But $78 for the other pair - what?! It's nice that they gave you a credit. I complained a few fixes ago and got nothing. Hopefully your future fixes are better!!

  2. I agree with your choices! $78 for a pair of leggings is pretty ridiculous! And I think you are the first person I have ever heard of not getting the same stylist. Hopefully that gets corrected soon and that you finally get a box that you love!

  3. Boo! I will say I got a pair of burgundy GAP jeggings and they are now my favorite pants EVER. But they did not cost $78 dollars, yeesh. I say going the ON route was probably very wise!

  4. Oh no!!!! 1. I think it's a great idea to schedule a fix for your birthday. I'm going to have to remember that. 2. I think you were totally right! Luckily I liked my stylist from the beginning so in my note I ALWAYS write that I want to keep her. I don't know if I need to or not, but I always write it just in case and so far, I've had 3, all from her. Her name is Amy if you want to request her :) 3. I agree with you on what you kept. Those maroon leggings are super cute, but like you, how often would I wear them and for $78? No. The $38 black ones were a good keep though and I saw all the goodies you got at Old Navy... I think you made the right choice!

  5. Such a bummer about your fix! Though I like those black leggings! And too bad about that last cardi, because it looks cute in the pic. Hopefully you'll start getting some consistency with your stylists from now on.

  6. Not a great fix. That maroon color is beautiful on you, but agree that $78 is steep for leggings unless you would wear them all the time!

  7. Haha love it, bummer a bad fix! The tunic options in the inventory are horrible, definitely recognized those. I have the black leggings and like them! They do seem to have a great customer service department that tries to reach out and satisfy dissatisfied customers. They started a new thing that stylist history doesn't matter unless client specifically requests stylist so if you have one you like, request her and you should get her! Be sure to include last name too, ha, some tell us first name and there's like 10 of that name for stylists! Hopefully next one is better.. Risky little service it is!