Hooray It's Opening Day {Link Up}

I love me some Christmas and the last day of school and my kids' birthdays...but today yesterday ranked right up near the top, too.  MLB Opening Day.  Or unofficially in my mind, the start of "summer".  There's just something about baseball.  The sounds.  The smells.  The warm summer nights.  I just really love it all.  And this year, there's even more to love after the Royals took the crown and won the World Series just five months ago.  Except for the higher ticket prices...that I don't love!

Anyway, today I am happy to be co-hosting an Opening Day link-up with some of my best blogger friends!  As I mentioned before, the boys actually cooperated for a photo.  For two photos.  For three photos.  I couldn't even believe it.  Life is getting easier, my friends!  Well, maybe not life, but photos. ;)

Also, for the first time ever, we signed up Brantley to be a member of Sluggerrr's Blue Crew.  $25 for a zippered pullover, a flat bill cap, a sports necklace, a lanyard, two game vouchers, and the chance to run the bases after games.  Not a bad deal!  Brantley was so excited...and so proud...when his Royal blue goodies arrived in the mail.  And I can't get over how cute (and old) he looks in his apparel!

And just for fun, I thought it'd be fun to take a trip through memory lane.  The quality of the photos isn't great because I took them from Facebook, but you get the idea. ;)

2008 - Our first game


No pictures from 2010.  Apparently it was a busy summer with a wedding and all.


No pictures from 2012.  That was the year we had our first baby.  However, fun fact: we did watch the All Star game, which was played in Kansas City that year, from our hospital room!

2013...Brantley's first game


 2014...post-Holden; his first game


I now insist on a family photo in this location each year.  It annoys Craig to no end, but I love looking at how things change through the years!

Don't forget to link up with us and share a photo in support of your favorite team!  I can't wait to see who you're all cheering for this season.....brownie points if it's the Royals!  Also, tag your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #hoorayitsopeningday.

And finally (even though they played on Opening Night last night) - GO ROYALS!


  1. The boys look so cute in their KC gear! I totally dropped the ball on this link up. Cash's birthday party had consumed my life this past week! Pre-kids Luke & our friends would go in on Brewers packages all the time. The tailgating, the smells, the sounds, just everything baseball! Now, the weather needs to cooperate...

  2. Awww so much cuteness and family fun! Love it :)

  3. OMG your boys look absolutely adorable!! I love that they cooperated so well for you. Way to go Momma! :)

  4. Love this! The third picture of the boys is my favorite. I'm so glad that they both cooperated with the pictures. :)

  5. So cute! I love all the throwback photos at the stadium, those are my favorite of ours too! And props on getting a cooperated photo of both boys!!

  6. The boys' shirts - I LOVE them!!
    I cannot tell you how many times I said to Scott last night, "I wish we were at the K right now."
    Can't wait to see how this year unfold for the Boys in Blue.

  7. LOVE the shots of Brantley and Holden on the porch! So adorable! I love all of your family shots at the games too!

  8. Your boys are so cute! I adore your pics through time...how fun to look back at as your boys grow! I also can't get over how cute your husband is for wearing your boys...what a great dad! love it!!

  9. Happy Opening Day!! You got some great shots of the boys and I absolutely LOVE your tradition of getting a picture in the same spot at the stadium. We cheer for the Pirates every year. Let's go Bucs!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  10. Oh my goodness, your boys are so adorable! But I especially love the throwback pics. We are big Mariners fans, but since we don't live in Seattle anymore, we have to settle for the minor leagues.

  11. LOVE the shirts so much - and Brantley's gear! I might think about investing in that if I thought we might get to one game as a family - but we will see. My work does a super fun family day in the hall of fame suite, but it's always in July and I always seem to have babies every other July....so we've only been once! Ha! and i LOVE your yearly pics - tell Craig it's a must!

  12. Don't ever stop taking those posed pictures! How amazing will it be to look back at all those photos as an old lady?!

  13. All of these pictures are soooo cute! I can just picture Craig bickering about the annual pictures...maybe because Chris would do it too, haha! But keep doing it...it's amazing!!! Luke got the blue crew stuff this year too and I thought it was adorable!

  14. You guys are too cute! I can't get over how many KC fans there are linking up! And I cannot wait for the day where I can get a still picture of my two again, love the brother shots!

  15. I LOVE your tradition of taking a photo in the same area!! Don't ever let your husband tell you no (LOL!).
    Love seeing the changes throughout the years! And LOVE LOVE those first few photos! The boys are so cute together rooting for the Royals!

  16. We are Royals fans too, and we live in KC too! I think maybe my kids should join the Blue Crew. I totally just emailed my husband and told him so.

  17. Oh my word, they are entirely too precious. And their shirts are awesome. We usually sign Mason up for those too. I think it’s worth it for all of the stuff they give them. Love the pictures of y’all at the games. I wish I would have thought to do that!