Five on Friday (...Dreaming of Summer)

Happy Friday, friends!  First things first, say a few prayers for my husband today as he undergoes ACL surgery.  Even though he insisted I go to work, I took the day off to be with him before, during, and after his surgery because, well, isn't that what a good wife is supposed to do??

And while we're talking prayer requests...please also say a few for my grandpa.  He's been in the hospital with heart issues since last Saturday.  He's no stranger to heart attacks and he's undergone heart surgery a couple of times prior, but the medication he's on isn't working exactly as his doctors had hoped, so that's always a bit of a concern.  Thanks, friends!

Onto some Friday fun!

| one |

Our daycare provider is simply the best!  She takes the kids on quite a few "field trips" and plans such fun activities for them.  Just a few days ago, they released five butterflies after watching them morph from itty bitty caterpillars to chrysalises to full blown butterflies.  Anyway, I decided that would be a fun summer activity for our house, so I just ordered a butterfly garden myself!  You can order the garden alone (with a voucher for the caterpillars once you're ready) or you can order a garden that includes 10 caterpillars (here).  I ordered the first option since we won't be ready for our caterpillars until I'm officially done with work for the summer.  In 15 more school days.  Not that I'm counting or anything.

| two |

The circus.  It's in Kansas City for two more days.  We had such a great time on Wednesday night and even Craig and I were super impressed with most of the acts.  Get your tickets here!

| three |

It's hard to believe, but our neighborhood pool opens in just four short weeks and I'm already dreaming of all things summer.  Including this swimsuit cover up.  I mean, I don't need a new cover up, but for $14, this one is hard to pass up!

| four |

Speaking of summer, have you seen all of the adorable seasonal servewear at Target?  I may or may not have purchased these adorable, plastic ice cream dishes (each with a different color spoon) for the sole purpose of a fun summer-themed photo shoot.

| five |

And finally, remember those Old Navy steals I posted about on Monday?  Well, I ordered the v-neck romper and it arrived on Wednesday!!  I'm in love and just itching for summer to arrive so I can wear it 24/7!

Happy Friday and have a happy May Day!

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  1. I hope surgery goes well. Thoughts and prayers heading that way for your hubs and grandpa. Love that coverup and romper. I need to go look for those next time I'm out and about. Have a great weekend.

  2. That romper is super cute!! And so are those ice cream dishes!

  3. Thinking of your hubby & Grandpa! How long will recovery be for your husband?

    I have to go to Target this weekend. I will be checking out those dishes!

    Does that romper fit true to size? Happy Friday!

  4. Old Navy has some of the best stuff this year I swear! They used to be so hit or miss but I feel like they're hitting it out of the park this year!
    We have similar butterfly net thingies at my school to teach the kids about the cocoons and whatnot. They love it!
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. Thinking of your family, love! And I agree that you NEED that coverup! ;)

  6. I love butterflies! However, I've never had a butterfly garden before...I should really do that, I think. :)

  7. Prayers coming your way! Ive been thinking about doing butterflies this summer too! Great minds ;)

  8. That romper is SO CUTE! You're going to live in that this summer!
    I haven't seen the cuteness at Target but it sounds like I need to go check it out! Can't wait to see your fun ice cream photo shoot :)

  9. Hope everything went well w your husband and grandpa! We've had that butterfly thing forever but never sent away for the caterpillars.

  10. Loving the romper and the icecream bowls! And I'm super jealous of your neighborhood pool!

  11. That cover up is perfection! I feel like in the past couple of years, cover ups have become so cute and I want them all!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  12. That butterfly garden looks like fun!
    Love the swimsuit coverup. So pretty and so cheap!
    I will keep your grandpa in my prayers. XOXO I hope your husband is healing well!

  13. Hope your grandpa is doing better--and praying that he'll be home soon! And has Craig gotten his cane for driving yet? ;) Also...butterflies and rompers on both of our Five on Fridays...we were meant to be friends!!! Also, I'm totally getting your romper (as long as you don't care!)

  14. Hoping your Grandpa is doing better! That is for sure scary :(

    I did see the seasonal ice cream dishes at Target just yesterday and wanted to buy them all! I might be doing an ice cream social themed birthday party for my girls and they were calling my name, I may have to go back!

    I am totally ordering that butterfly kit, how fun!!