Stitch Fix #8

Also known as the one with all the jeans!

Let's just be honest for a minute.  Shopping is fun.  I could do it every day and never get tired of it.  But shopping for jeans??  I'd probably rather go to the dentist.  (And I hate the dentist.)  For me, finding a comfortable, perfectly-fitting, and flattering pair of jeans has always been hard.  I'm on the skinny to average side, but also very curvy (pear-shaped, as they say).  I've come to accept that over the years (on most days anyway), but it doesn't make me any less picky about how things look and/or fit.  Instead of heading to a department store's fitting room to deal with horrible lighting, mirrors that purposely distort your body, and an overwhelming selection of styles, I decided to request five pairs of jeans from Stitch Fix.  I've always been impressed with the pants they've sent, and I figured, 5 pairs--surely I'd be happy with one of them?!

Rewind to last Thursday, and let's just say, this may have been the smartest shopping move I've ever made!  How they managed to send me five nearly perfect pairs is truly beyond me!

Here's what I got!

Item #1 | Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($78)
This first thing I noticed about this pair of jeans was the elastic waistband.  Basically maternity-like non-maternity jeans!  I was already excited!  I tried them on and they are about the most comfortable pairs of jeans ever.  If you combine leggings + sweatpants, only make them denim, this is what you'd get.  A co-worker said they make me look "hippy when I'm not" (hips hippy, not 70s hippy) but I assured her that I am and thankfully, I was happy with how they looked.  Verdict: Keep!

Item #2 | Liverpool Collen Straight Leg Jean ($78)
Stitch Fix called these straight leg, but they definitely had some flare to them.  According to quite a few blogs I follow, flare jeans are back in a big way.  I really, really liked this pair of jeans.  As did Craig + everyone who commented on my IG photo.  They are black, which means I could get away with wearing them to work.  And they were super comfortable.  But...they were black.  My goal for this fix was to find a few new pairs of casual, weekend jeans.  These had more of a dressy than casual feel and they were not jeans I could wear with casual flats.  In the end, I just didn't want to spend the money on a pair of work pants.  Verdict:Returned :(

Item #3 | Kut from the Kloth Dayna Skinny Jean ($88)
This was the one pair of jeans I wasn't initially in love with.  Although I could have made them work, they felt a size too big and I assumed they would stretch while wearing.  I also didn't love the color - super dark navy.  I would really like to try this brand of jeans in a smaller size because they seemed comfortable and I've heard great things about the brand!  Verdict: Returned


Item #4 | Mavi Freida Skinny Jean ($98)
What I liked about this pair of jeans was that they worked well with flats.  The other pairs seemed to be better suited for booties, but this pair was a little shorter and skinnier at the bottom, making them pair nicely with my Toms.  Initially, I really liked these and thought they were a definite keeper...until I wore them around my house for an hour.  They were much lower-rise than the other pairs (thank goodness super low-rise is a thing of the past!) and a lot tighter.  They just weren't as comfortable and they didn't seem quite as mommy and/or teacher-friendly.  Verdict: Returned 

Item #5 | Level 99 Briley Skinny Jean ($108)
And last, but definitely not least!  In fact, these were the fan-favorite when I asked for opinions on IG.  Of course, they were also the most expensive (#alwayshappenstome), but when comparing to some of the jeans I bought five years ago, they were still less.  Verdict: Keep!

So I ended up keeping only two pairs--the most expensive, but also the least expensive!  I heavily debated keeping all five pairs.  In fact, I tried selling some of my old Miss Me and Mek jeans to justify such, but I only sold one pair for $30.  I also tried selling pair #3 above on a Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group, but no hits on those either.  Without the 25% discount, I just couldn't justify more than two pairs.

But seriously, as long as Stitch Fix is still a thing, I will never go jeans shopping again!  I highly, highly recommend this to anyone in the market for jeans.  Your own environment, your own mirror, your own lighting, your own shoes.  And no one will know if you wear them around for two hours in order to decide!  Want to try for yourself?  Use my referral code to help me earn a $25 credit to put towards my next fix!


  1. I just signed up for my first fix and I totally asked for jeans too! Hopefully they send me one and hopefully it works. I'm a little worried about sizing this first time around because I hope I sized myself correctly but we shall see. Should arrive on Monday!

  2. They're all so cute! But I must know about those booties! I have some in black that are similar but I've been looking for more of a neutral/nude color.