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Happy April!  More specifically, happy April Fool's Day!  I usually try to prank Craig...and it usually works...but I got nothing today.  What I do have, though, is a lot to share!

| one |
So the new Instagram.  Everyone was all "Turn on notifications" all day on Monday.  Meanwhile, I'm like heck no, I don't want a million and one push notifications popping up on my phone all day, every day.  I have them turned on for my husband so that I don't miss any of his instapics (especially those of our cute kids), but that's it!!!  There's no way I want a notification each and every time one of the 629 accounts I'm following posts a picture. #sorrynotsorry

Instead, I've been liking photos galore...or trying to anyway, so that I continue to see those accounts I want to see.  However, unless I'm just a big ole idiot, my feed seems unchanged??  It still appears to be in a chronological order.   Anyone else's or am I just missing something??

Anyway, a fellow KC blogger, Megan at Crazy Bananas, summarized the new algorithm and had some great Instagram tips (here).  Worth a read if you have a few minutes!

| two |
Speaking of Instagram, I follow an account called Who, Wait. Walmart?   It's one of my favorite accounts to follow because they post some amazing and inexpensive things found guessed it, Walmart!!  Earlier this week, they posted about a Yeti knock off.  That's right.  A Yeti knockoff.  Craig and I have about five Yetis between the two of us (he has four, I have one), and they're amazing.  They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours.  Like I fill mine with ice water at 7am and at 7pm, the ice is still there!!  But they're also crazy expensive - $30 for a koozie, $30 for a 20-ounce tumbler, and $40 for a 30-ounce tumbler.  Anyway, Walmart now sells knock offs, and apparently, they're as good as the original but for less than 1/3 of the price!!  Though they're currently sold out online, you can find the links here:

Note: These are not affiliate links.  Just sharing for the good of the cause!

| three |
Did you see my post yesterday that included all of my favorite Target shoes??  Well, there was one pair that didn't really go with the rest...nor did they fit into my photo collage.  Nonetheless, I'm drooling over them.  I want these soooo badly!
(I wear a size 8.5, if you want early Mother's Day ideas, Craig Sides.  Also a Roomba.)

| four |
You are looking at one of the members of my neighborhood's new Social Committee!  The HOA was just turned over to the neighborhood (it's been owned by a developer) and on Monday, the positions for our committees were announced!  Although I still love our smaller, tight-knit group of eight neighborhood couples, I'm excited to help plan a few whole neighborhood social events throughout the year!  I'm thinking a summer block/pool party, a sleigh ride at Christmastime, and an Easter egg hunt next spring.

| five |
In 2009, a very well-known and respected high school football coach in Iowa was shot and killed.  It was a horribly tragic and earth-shattering event for all of those with ties to Iowa.  A few years later, a book written about the coach's life and story.  I purchased the book a few days after it was published and read it from cover to cover in about 24 hours.  Whether you're from Iowa, or a sports fan, or just looking for a good book, I highly, highly recommend this one.  

Anyway, earlier this week, an article (as told by the killer's mother) was published to  The article, My Son Killed the Town Hero, explains our broken mental health system and her struggle to get her son (the killer) help for years and years before he tragically shot this legend of a man.  As a mother myself, it was absolutely heartbreaking to read her story.  And although lengthy, this article is definitely worth your time.


| six |
Did you see my post on Wednesday about my new glasses?  There was a code towards the end for a free pair of glasses, but it was only available to the first ten new customers.  I have no idea if even one person used the code, let alone ten, BUT I have an additional code available for five new customers.  Again, you pay shipping but the lenses and frames are completely FREE!  Email me (sarahbsides {at} gmail {dot} com) if you'd like it!

| seven |
And finally, don't forget these upcoming link-ups just a few days away!

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And then on Tuesday...

Have a great weekend everyone and don't get fooled today!

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  1. I haven't noticed a change in my IG either. Maybe it has changed and I'm just an idiot and don't remember who I might be missing. Congrats on being a part of the HOA committee. The neighborhood we just moved into has an HOA and I really want to get involved. I'd like to do a newspaper and plan some block parties. Have a great weekend friend.

  2. I think everyone freaked about the Instagram changes. I didnt turn on notification for the same reasons you didn't. I only have them turned on for one instagram boutique that I follow and can't access on my phone while I'm at work so I dont miss the sales. Other than that, it's business as usual!

  3. I am also from Iowa and tons of my friends on facebook have been sharing & I found that article about Mark Becker just heartbreaking! As a mom I just can't imagine. And love the Walmart account - thanks for sharing!

  4. Ooh I need to follow that walmart account! They really do have some hidden treasures!

  5. Love that your neighborhood is so much fun and interactive. You'd be a wonderful social chair! And I totally spaced on the Opening Day linkup! GAH!!! I don't even know where the kids Cardinal shirts are! MUST DO SOME SHOPPING!!!!!!

  6. Those lil booties are adorable! Love them! :)

    I have not noticed any change on my IG view either...which is fine by me, I'd rather it stay as is - chronological.

  7. Target is doing it up this year, with shoes!! And the Walmart IG account...where have I been? Living under a rock? Thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. When those "turn on notification" pics popped up all over the place I was like, "umm, thanks but no." My phone blows up enough the way it is. I'll pass on every single IG'ers posts. Thanksverymuch.
    I read that article on the football coach. Great read.
    Your neighborhood sounds like it's the best. I can't wait to see what fun you all have lined up for the coming hear.
    We are PUMPED for Opening Day! I can't wait to see everyone in their gear!!

  9. So fun; I wish our neighborhood planned fun events like that! Also, I haven't noticed anything different on Instagram either. But, like you, I'm 'liking' like crazy! ;) Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  10. I totally agree with you about Instagram!! So far I haven't noticed a difference at all! Everything seems exactly as it was. And I really want a Roomba too! I wish they weren't so expensive!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. My insta is the same, too! And, I totally used your code for free glasses (thanks, by the way!) and just got notification that they shipped! woo hop! Have a good weekend! :)

  12. You go girl with your long post today (or yesterday? lol)! I had the hardest time coming up with 5 things, but I'm loving yours!!!
    YES to the Yeti knock off! I NEED to go find that at Walmart! I already follow that IG account, I don't know how I missed that post!
    YES to the post notifications. Nope, not turning them on. Also, my feed looks exactly the same! So either nothing changed or I'm not missing what I'm not seeing lol.
    I totally want a Roomba too! I wish they weren't so expensive!

  13. Same with the Insta thing. I only have them turned on for a few people. And I have been trying to like and comment on all of my favorite accounts. And that Whoa Wait Walmart IG account – love it! They find the greatest stuff. I am so curious about those cups and how they compare to the Yeti. We don’t use anything but our Yetis. That article sounds so heartbreaking!!