Happy Mother's Day - A Tribute...

First, this post is about you, not me. However, I'm pretty impressed with myself for figuring out how to do a blog post.

I love many things about our ability to see eye to eye on things. One of those things is our disdain for Hallmark Holidays. Valentines Day is for suckers. Heck, birthdays even come and go with little fan fare. However, I've always held Mother's Day with a little higher regard. I'm a lucky guy. I have a great Mother and I was fortunate enough to marry someone who has turned into a great Mother. For that, I'm very thankful.

As a tribute I wanted to post a few things that I'm extra thankful for:

- Self Confidence - Actually, I'm not sure if I would call it confidence. Maybe self-acceptance. I appreciate the fact that you lack envy. You're totally comfortable with who you are and you don't try to be anybody but yourself. The next time you display insecurities or jealousy in our relationship will be the first time. And for that I am so thankful. We get a kick out of a few people who post every time their husband, or co-worker, or random person comments on how great they look or how they can't believe they just had a baby, or how awesome they are for rocking the gym....blah blah blah. I'm so thankful that my kids will be raised by someone who keeps compliments private. Who is totally secure in her life. Who accepts people for who they are. Who is genuine. Your attitude is that there is nothing about us that is special... and that's what makes you special. It's what makes you a great Mom. And a great person.

- You love your children - When Brantley acts a fool and runs around banging into things, falling down laughing, fake laughing, whatever it is he does, I get almost as big of a kick out of you as I do out of him. Your smile is ear to ear. I've even seen you get tears in your eyes just because your son is showing signs of independence and orneriness. Your love is genuine. And that makes you a great Mom.

- You're a hard worker - My man parts don't lactate. Thankfully. I know how brutal it is to be the only one who can feed Holden. Listen, you love your sleep. I've never met anyone who loves sleep like you. Despite this, you're a champ. You get up in the middle of the night and you soldier through. It's a responsibility. You don't blink, you just do. And that makes you a great Mom.

- You don't suck at social media. Social Media is hard. People can post what they want. They open or close the window into their lives as they choose. Most people choose to only open that window and show the most positive things in their lives. It takes courage to show weakness and let your friends and family see struggles. You did a great job documenting Brantley's early issues. You don't hesitate to share frustrations about low milk supply. Every person we meet is battling something. It takes a brave person to show it. That makes you real. And it makes you a great Mom.

From the bottom of my heart I am thankful that I married a great person and I'm so thankful that that great person just so happens to be a great Mom. Brantley and Holden are lucky guys. And so am I.

Love you. Thanks for all you do.




  1. Awh Craig that's super sweet, special and nicely put!

  2. I'm reading this for the first time -- and it is all true.