Rain Rain, Go Away (I'm Begging You)

April shower bring May flowers, but you wanna know what May showers bring?  Cranky mamas who want nothing more than to be outside!!  Because it's basically summer, after all!  According to the local news, it's rained all but four days in the month of May.  And it's been the fourth rainiest May on record.  I know I'm not alone in saying "Enough is enough!"  I feel as if I wake up to one more rainy, dreary day, it could be the end of me.

So I say farewell to the depressing month of May and all of it's dumb rain and hello {hopefully} to a warm, sunny, and rain-free June!!


  1. I hear ya'! How are the pools supposed to warm up with all this rain?? ;) Things are looking good for the first week of June...so far.

  2. Everyone back home keeps telling us how much rain you have been getting. Although the rainy days make it difficult to play outside, we'd give anything for some of that precipitation!!
    Here's to hoping June shakes out a little better than May!