Strawberry Picking

We're less than two weeks in and it's already been such a fun summer with my boys!  Now that they are both a bit older, I feel like I can venture out on a regular basis.  And that's exactly my plan.  Parks, play dates, pool time, and fun activities that can only happen in the summer.

Last week, I planned to head to a local strawberry patch on Thursday morning.  And then we woke to rain.  I decided to try again on Friday.  And we woke to rain...again.  It seemed that strawberry picking (or any outdoor activity) was just not in our cards.  Yesterday morning, a neighbor and my new friend, Vanessa, texted asking if we wanted to join them at the strawberry patch.  I was quick to say yes because, although cloudy, there was no rain in the forecast (hallelujah!)  and I know that strawberry season is quickly coming to an end!  We packed picnic lunches and headed out mid-moring!

Speaking of Vanessa, I knew her online before I ever knew her in real life!  Vanessa blogs at Sunflower State of Mind.  My other blogger-turned-real-life friend, Brittany, is Vanessa's real life friend.  Brittany mentioned when we bought our new house that Vanessa lives in the same neighborhood, but I didn't know where exactly and I wanted to avoid being the creepy, stalker neighbor anyway.  About a month ago, Vanessa added a picture of our neighborhood park to her blog, so I finally spoke up and left her a comment about living in the same neighborhood.  Luckily, she didn't think I was a total creepo and the rest is history!  Vanessa is a SAHM and I'm so excited to spend some time with her and her adorable kids (who are similar in age to my own) this summer!

Anyway, back to strawberry picking.  It was super muddy.  No surprise there, considering the non-stop rain lately.  We both wore our babies.  Turns out, trying to squat to pick strawberries with a baby strapped to you, hold a box for the strawberries, and stay upright in the squishy, squashy mud took quite a bit of talent.  And it was a huge workout!  Whew!  My shoulders are still sore from carrying my near-13 month old!

After picking strawberries for a good 45 minutes, we enjoyed our picnic lunches and let the older kids run around a bit.

Brantley climbed to the top of this thing.  Such a big kid!

We headed home early afternoon and Brantley took the world's longest nap (almost 3.5 hours!) while I snapped some photos of our berries and composed this blog post!

Such a fun morning we had!  Thanks for inviting us, Vanessa!


  1. You guys got so many strawberries!!! How fun! I've been dying to do this with Mason, but our local place that has strawberry picking is like $20 per person so I've been holding off, trying to look for somewhat cheaper. This looks like so much fun though!!

  2. Awesome! We went a couple weeks ago and the strawberries were amazing! I'm totally jealous that you got to hang with Vanessa too! I think I need to make a trip a state over and come visit you guys! All our kids are the same ages!

  3. This looks so fun! I know there's a place near us and you just reminded me to look into going. And wowza! that's a lot of strawberries...can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. And I was totally just thinking about the same thing as Sara! It would be so fun to do a MO blogger meet-up!

  4. Looks like you guys had such a fun day!! We went strawberry picking for the first time last weekend and had a blast! It's fun enjoying the reward and it looks like you guys have plenty to enjoy!!

  5. Gah! I've wanted to go strawberry picking for the longest time, but can't find an actual place (and not some roadside stand) to do so. This looks like so much fun!
    Vanessa is awesome! And, Arden too! We met up last summer at Deanna Rose. I'd LOVE if the three of us, and our littles, could get together the next time we're back in town!!

  6. Love this!! It was a fun morning and totally worth the sore muscles the next day...I think?!?! ;) Geez, I need to work out more!! Can't wait for more fun adventures with you guys this summer :)

    And I second what Sara, Ashley and Desiree said! Let's do it!