Meet Kermit.

 He's been living in our recessed window well since this past weekend.  (Or maybe longer.)

Brantley discovered him while Craig was mowing.  When he said "Look, a frog!" Craig was expecting a small toad, no bigger than the length of a finger, the kind you come across often.

Guess again.  This thing was massive!  The size of my entire hand, if not bigger!

I convinced Craig that it was a tree frog and that tree frogs have suction cups on their feet that allow them to climb.  (The window well is a good 6 feet deep.  Craig assumed the little guy was stuck and would die there.)  I assured him the frog had plenty of access to bugs and seeing that it hasn't stopped raining, he likely had enough to drink, too.

Well, three days later and the frog was still there!  Craig decided to rescue him and set him free.

Brantley was super interested, and of course, I couldn't grab my camera fast enough.  I tried to snap some photos, but I had my zoomed-in lens so it was hard to position myself and adjust my settings before the frog leaped five feet.

We even had to sneak into our neighbor's backyard because apparently this little guy was trying to escape us (or maybe Kinnick).  Sorry neighbors!  #anythingforaphoto

I may have even bribed Brantley to kiss him.  Weird?  Maybe.  But, that's what boys are supposed to do, right?

We eventually left and the frog hopped away.  Kermit, I hope you made it safely to a new home!

On a related note, this was our view on a walk last week.  I love that we live in the Kansas City metro area, but because we're on the outskirts, we get views and scenery like this.  Stunning.



  1. That frog is massive! I used to love finding frogs when I was little. My mom thought I was nuts. Kissing a frog weird? Nahhhh!
    Oh my, I miss those sunsets something fierce. Absolutely stunning.

  2. That frog is HUGE!!!! And I'm surprised he let Brantley so close! So crazy you found him in your window!