Dancing King

We attended a family wedding over the weekend.  To say Brantley had a blast {at the reception} would be an understatement.  The kid tore up the dance floor and didn't stop moving until it was time to leave.

Here are my kids post-ceremony and pre-reception.  Are they adorable, or what??

Brantley did great during the ceremony except at one point, he farted and exclaimed "I tooted!"  Apparently, the lady next to him was dying of laughter, but I missed it because I was in the foyer of the church with Holden.  Like I said, he didn't step foot off the dance floor until we told him it was time to go.  Not only that but anytime Craig and I joined him, he pushed us off the dance floor while saying "Noooooooo dance!"  He's only two and already embarrassed by his parents...

And Holden?  Well, he was a ham himself posing for the photographer.  Why doesn't he ever do this for me?

And because pictures just don't do it justice, here is video of our dancing king himself and another proving just how embarrassed he was of me on the dance floor.

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