Time Outs

Time outs seem to be a daily occurrence in our house.  As Brantley nears the dreaded three-nager stage (less than one month away!), the frequency of time outs is also on the rise!  Luckily, Brantley responds to being in time out and seems to feel remorse for whatever it is that put him there.  It doesn't always stop him from engaging in the same behavior two hours later, but I suppose that's typical for 2/3 year olds.  As with all things, I know it's a phase and quite honestly, he looks pretty adorable in the corner thinking about what he did wrong.


  1. Yep! We've definitely entered the timeout phase. I'll be honest I love the sweet "I'm sorry" hug I get after Wyatt gets out of timeout. We're still working on the words "I'm sorry", so for now I'll take the hugs. ;)

  2. Cutest little time out photos I've ever seen.
    We need to incorporate more time outs. We have 100% hit the three-nager stage, and I'm already over it. I've seen so many people use time out chairs, but we just don't have something like that. We *do* have a nice little corner that would be perfect for time outs.

  3. UGH... I feel the three's are going to be the death of me! Charli has been a nightmare recently. But I also get it with the move and all the changes she is going through right now