Curb Appeal

Over the weekend, we decided to spruce up the front of our house a bit.  Everyone else seems to have planters full of flowers that add pops of color to the fronts of their houses...and then there's us.  Our house was plain and quite dull from the street.  Neither Craig nor myself have a green thumb, but we wanted the same curb appeal that many of our neighbors have.  We headed to Olathe's new home decor superstore, At Home, and left with a few new items to fancy up our front.

First up, large planters for each side of our 2-car garage door.  Luckily, we both agreed on a style pretty quickly.  I'm clueless when it comes to flowers, so I headed to the nursery a few blocks away from our house and, with the advice of the nice lady there, picked out some big leafy caladium to plant, as well as some hot pink impatiens for color. 

We also dug some old planters out of our basement and put those to good use, too.  More impatiens and some different kinds of coleus in the three other planters added even more color and life to our front porch.

We also bought some wicker chairs for our front porch.  It took us f o r e v e r to agree on cushions, but we I opted for a plain green solid cushion and added some bright, floral-patterned pillows for color.  My thought was that we could keep the cushions and easily change the pillows for a new look when we're sick of this one.

We're really pleased with how everything turned out.  Now, if only we can keep the flowers alive, we'll be happy campers!  So please excuse me while I go water them. :)


  1. Love how it looks! We're the same way, we never have flowers. Unless you count the rose bushes that have been here since we moved in, and it's no small miracle that they continue to grow bi-annually.

  2. Firs of all, your house is GORGEOUS! I love it and am so jealous! But I also love the additions you made! I especially love the chairs and those pillows!

  3. i like the plant holders on the sides of ur 2 car garage!! so cute.. also i have never seen such a long house number lol Around here, they go into the 100's thats it

  4. I love this!!! And you are ON the ball getting flowers and curb appeal. we have been in our house for 2 years in August and I'm still struggling with this. At Home was awesome - I wanted to get those planter too but just need to put flowers in the one Jimmy built :)

  5. Looks great! That store just opened up here too and I can't WAIT to go!