Easy Chicken Salad

A chicken salad sandwich is one of my all time favorite lunches!  I could eat it every weekend.  Growing up, my mom made chicken salad by mixing shredded chicken with mayo and grapes.  And that was it.  I loved it, but then I saw a {healthier} recipe online that used Greek yogurt instead.  I merged the two recipes and have never looked back! 

What You'll Need: 
Chicken Breast - cooked and shredded
Plain Greek Yogurt
Grapes - sliced in half
Egg whites - hard boiled and diced (optional)
Almonds or walnuts (optional)

What To Do:
1. Cook the chicken.  You can submerge the chicken breasts into boiling water and boil for an hour, or you can bake at 350 for the same amount of time.  I usually bake mine.  I find it to be a bit easier.

2. Shred the chicken.  I used to shred chicken by hand until I realized my chopper could do the job.  I now have a Kitchenaid mixer, so if shredding large amounts, I use that.  Otherwise, I stick to my small chopper.

3. Mix equal amounts mayo and Greek yogurt with the shredded chicken to your desired likeness.  It tends to dry out if stored for more than a day, so I typically make mine a bit more on the creamy side.

4. Add sliced grapes, egg whites, and/or nuts.

And that's it!  I love mine on a croissant roll, but I can't always find them in all grocery stores, so bakery-style buns work well, too!


  1. This sounds so good! I love that you share your recipes :)

  2. YUM!! Chicken salad is one of my favorites, too. This sounds like the makings of a perfect summer dinner.
    Pinned it. :)

  3. This looks delicious! I need to try it out!