Blueberry Picking

This was my fourth year visiting The Berry Patch to pick blueberries.  It's become somewhat of a summer tradition for me and I'm not sure I can let summer pass without a trip there!  It's always fun reminiscing on my past experiences - the first year I was nearly nine months pregnant, the second year I had an almost-1-year old, and last year, I had both Brantley and a new{ish}born Holden.  Yet, this year has been my favorite yet!

We went with Vanessa and her crew again.  Brantley and Arden have developed this thing for each other, so when our plans were rescheduled not once, but twice, Brantley just kept telling me that he wanted to "Gooooo pick blueberries with Arden."  Adorable.

Unlike strawberry picking this year, our experience picking blueberries was much easier.  It was dry, for one.  We weren't slipping and sliding in the mud.  Because of the dry conditions, we were able to push our strollers through the blueberry fields, which meant we weren't doing squats with 20-plus pound babies strapped to us.  Thank goodness!  The blueberries were far more abundant than the strawberries and well, it was just a more enjoyable experience all around!  However, it was HOT so we were all a sweaty, dirty mess by the time we finished. 

We tried to snap some pictures of our kiddos.  As good as it gets right here!

Brantley and Arden lost interest pretty quickly.  Lucky for us, they entertained themselves by snacking, conversing with each other, and playing with the irrigation pipes.  I'm sure there's a rule against that somewhere, but #whateverittakes!

Holden got restless in the stroller.  He was much happier playing in this big pile of dirt.  And because he was super sweaty, he was basically covered from head to toe.  He also had smashed blueberries on his butt.

What a great time we had! Vanessa even managed a super cute photo of the boys and I where Brantley is actually smiling!  I may need to use her (Arden?) as my assistant next time I attempt photos of Brantley!

Earlier this evening, I decided to snap some photos of our blueberries.  Brantley, who almost always wants nothing to do with anything photo-related, decided he wanted to be photographed so he plopped down and started eating the berries.  Silly kid!  Turns out, I love the photos!!

Next up--peach picking!!


  1. These pics are the best!!!!!!! Love them! And love that u went with Arden they are adorable together!

  2. I love that picture of the 3 of you!! Arden is always available to jump around and make him smile for pictures! You know she'd do anything for "Bwantley" ;)