Prom 2013

Once again, I chaperoned Mill Valley's this year.  And once again, it was held at Club 1000 - the cute little place where we got married!  And once again, the chaperones met for dinner pre-Prom at Cafe Trio on the Plaza, and once again, I ordered the Mac Daddy.  Yum!

It's always so much fun to see our students in their finest.  And likewise, it's fun to have an excuse to dress up myself!

As I was getting ready, I had an idea.  Brantley had a tux hanging in his closet.  It was a gift from his great grandma and has been there {untouched} since he was 6 weeks old.  I told the hubs I needed him to do something for me, assuming he'd think it was a ridiculous idea to put the tux on for, say, five minutes for a picture.  But to my surprise, he agreed!  So, here are some pics of Brantley's first Prom attire.  Cutest date I saw all night, if I do say so myself!  Thanks for the adorable outfit, Grandma!

 And a few more pics of some teacher friends and I!

And just for fun--a side by side comparison of Prom last year versus this year!  Same date, but look how much he's grown!!!

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