Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

I didn't take many photos over the Thanksgiving weekend. We were in Wichita and enjoyed our time with family and friends.  Here are a few just to document our holiday weekend...though most were taking at our home in Olathe!

1. Hanging out in the dryer.  Look at that smirk on his face!

2. Fun at the park on the warm Thanksgiving Day.  And proof that dressing a little boy is fun, too!

3. Day 1 of Thanksgiving vacay - an early-morning doughnut run in our pjs!

4. Tried to keep him awake so he'd sleep en route to Wichita.  This was the result.

5. Chiefs Sunday...and December 1st...playing in the yard sans coat!

6. Ordered these bad boys on Black Friday.  They arrived on Saturday. has the be the best and quickest in the business.

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