Bumpdate: Week 21

Another week gone.  And now the weekly countdown until we meet Baby Boy #2 has entered the teens.  19 and counting!

If I'm being honest, I sometimes forget how far along I am!  Good thing for this blog and my weekly photos to help me remember.   Otherwise, I'm certain I'd be a few weeks off each time someone asks!  I know I said the same thing last week, but in one sense, I feel like I've been pregnant forever.  August was a loooooong time ago!  But then, I think about how far along I am in terms of months (5ish) and can't believe I'm five months pregnant

Must be why I seem to be growing bigger and bigger (and less and less comfortable) by the day!  My winter coat no longer buttons.  Which is unfortunate seeing that it's only early December.  And abnormally cold already, I might add.  There were definite advantages of being pregnant in the spring and summer!  I was forced to break down and buy some maternity pants this time around.  But lucky for me, I found some for sale on Craigslist.  Three pairs for $5 a piece!  I refuse to spend $30+ on pants (unflattering, makes-me-feel-frumpy work pants, nonetheless) that I will wear for four months, so hand-me-downs it is!

In related news, we started the transformation of guest bedroom to Brantley's big boy room!  I picked out some paint samples and we agreed on a color .  The guest bed has been moved to our basement and the office that was in our basement is no longer.  Next up, painting! 

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of Baby: ~10.5 inches, about 3/4 pound; the size of a carrot

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: I haven't weighed myself, but feel like I've put on 10 pounds in this week alone!

Food Cravings: Sweets, galore!  I really wanted chocolate chip cookies the other day.  So I bought some, made 24, and ate about 18 of the 24. :)

Food Aversions: None, though coffee still isn't what it used to be. :(

Movement: Still haven't felt anything from the outside, but perhaps I'm just too busy/too slow to react in time.  Feeling definite movement on the inside.

Sleep: Better than last week.  Getting accustomed once again to the Snoogle.

Clothing: Hello maternity pants.  90% maternity clothes.  Still fit into my stretchy non-maternity jeggings!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions on occasion.  And I've been really tired.  Like first-trimester tired.  I'm lucky to keep my eyes open past Brantley's 7:30 bedtime.  I also think my hands are starting to swell.  They feel achy and my fingers feel big.

What I Miss: Being able to squat down and bend over easily like I could a few weeks ago.  Being able to carry Brantley, give him baths, get him ready for bed, etc. without feeling totally and completely exhausted.  (How am I going to manage at 35 weeks pregnant??)

Best Moment: Starting to transform the guest bedroom.  I love house projects, rearranging, and redecorating!  Gives everything a fresh feel!

Looking Forward To: Christmas break...two weeks away from work can't come quick enough!

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