Bumpdate: Week 22

My, oh my, I'm getting bigger and my pants are getting tighter!  Definitely feeling pregnant 100% of the time now!  I know the baby isn't that big (compared to where he'll be), so it must be his position because there are times when I feel like everything in my stomach is so crammed in there.  I had a hair appointment yesterday and after about an hour and a half, I literally felt like I couldn't sit there any longer.  Once she took me to the sink to rinse my hair (and I could lay back and stretch my stomach), I felt fine.  I don't really think the baby is kicking my ribs yet, but pushing up against them enough to make them ache.  I just don't remember feeling this way the first time...or at least not this early. 

More than likely, we have a name for Baby Boy #2.  I have come to accept that our kids will not all share the first letter :(, but luckily I really like our non-B name, as well!  We've shared with some friends and family, but I wouldn't say anything is official and I'm not sure I'm ready/willing to announce to the world just yet.  I'm not one that can refer to Baby by his name until he is born anyway, and I always think, What if...we find something else we like better?  I don't want to set anything in stone quite yet and want to keep our options open! 

How Far Along: 22 weeks

Size of Baby: ~11 inches, 1 pound (big milestone = measuring in pounds now, not ounces!)

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: About 14 pounds...after a cookie exchange on Saturday and cookie decorating party on Sunday and three deliveries of cookies from students, I think I've eating about two dozen cookies in the last few days.  Go ahead and judge me...

Food Cravings: I tried a pomegranate last weekend and wanted them again this weekend.  But I still wouldn't call it a craving...

Food Aversions: None.  Though cooking hasn't been appealing to me lately.  Which usually leaves us scrambling for dinner at the last minute.

Movement: No changes here.

Sleep: Sleeping really well lately!

Clothing: The same - 90% maternity clothes.  Sqeezing my belly and butt into a few pre-prego jeans still.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: My hands are starting to feel carpel tunnel-ish in the mornings once again.  It's hard to sqeeze the toothpaste from the tube and hold my toothbrush.  They also feel swollen, but my wedding ring still fits.

What I Miss: Nothing in particular this week.

Best Moment: Continuing to clear out the guest bedroom.  It's almost empty, closet and all!

Looking Forward To: Being at home for two full weeks with my babe (and hopefully hubby), the holidays, traveling to Iowa, and beginning Brantley's new room!

You can judge the fact that I ate two dozen cookies, but don't judge my sweater.  It was ugly sweater day at school today.

Too cute not to share - Brantley decided to photo bomb my weekly photo shoot!

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