Daycare 2013

I may complain about the length of the drive to daycare to get Brantley each and every day, but in all honesty, we got pretty lucky in finding a great place for Brantley to go during the days.  Miss Stephanie was an in-home daycare recommendation from a friend and fellow co-worker who had used her for the previous five years.  Her little boy, Elijah, went to kindergarten two months after Brantley was born, so Brantley pretty much stepped in and took his spot.

Miss Stephanie ventures out with the kiddos each and every day (open gym, Monkey Bizness, Deanna Rose, the park, the movies, McDonald's, preschool, music class, and so much more).  I've never once worried about whether Brantley is being properly cared for and I know he loves friends and his time spent at Miss Stephanie's. 

One of my favorite things about Miss Stephanie is that, like myself, she takes photos galore!  I always get so excited when I get a Facebook notification at school that informs me of a tagged photo by Miss Stephanie.  If I can't spend the weekdays with my little man, getting to see a picture of him in action is the next-best thing!

For the record, I wanted to post some pictures of Brantley at daycare throughout the 2013 calendar year.  I love that he'll be able to look back on these someday and fondly remember (or not remember...he's only 1) his first full year at Miss Stephanie's.  Here's to many more years to come!


















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