Bumpdate: Week 20!!

20 weeks.  Halfway through pregnancy #2.

In one sense, I have no idea how that happened.  But in another, I feel like I should be well beyond the half way point by now.

In one sense, I'm happy to tick this all-important week off the countdown.  But in another, it's bittersweet to think my pregnancy is half over.  (And to think pregnancy, for me in general, is half over...assuming we have three.)

In one sense, I'm super excited to be that much closer to meeting Baby Boy Sides #2.  But in another, I'm super nervous and completely terrified of life with two kids!  Life with one is hard enough, yet so easy at the same time.  What are we getting ourselves in to??

Yikes.  And yay, of course.  Happy to have made it this far and looking forward to the second half.

Boy, what a difference a week makes!  Last Tuesday, I said I didn't necessarily feel or look pregnant.  Seven short days later, I definitely do to both!  Getting up from a sitting position has been more difficult and sleeping has become less comfortable.  I'm afraid my days of sleeping on this baby belly are limited.  (I busted out the Snoogle last night.)  The bump is definitely growing and I feel like Baby has gone through a major growth spurt in recent days.  (Time for the cocoa butter cream twice a day!)  Other people are noticing (and commenting), too!  Today, both a student and secretary told me my bump had "popped out".  Of course, I've always taken that as a compliment. :)

Perhaps the biggest reason I feel more pregnant - the Braxton Hicks contractions I'm already feeling!  At 19.5 weeks, I felt my muscles clench and tighten and my stomach got rock hard.  After referring to my first round of blog posts are recalling that it happened at 24 weeks before, I can only assume 19.5 weeks is reasonable for a second pregnancy.  If that doesn't make you feel pregnant, I'm not sure what does!

In other pregnancy news, the results of my second trimester screenings (blood tests) all came back normal, or "great" as the genetics counselor described.  The risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, or an open neural tube defect or spinal problem (Spina Bifida) is less than 1 in 5000.  We are done with screenings until week 27 when we have another level 2 sonogram at the hospital.  I've always thought of this baby (and this pregnancy) as healthy and normal, but the test results are definitely reassuring!

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of Baby: ~6 1/2 inches from head to rump, but 10 inches from head to heel, about 10.5 ounces; the size of a banana

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: About 10-11 pounds.

Food Cravings: None out of the ordinary.

Food Aversions: None

Movement: Feeling jabs at night when I am relaxing.  Haven't felt them from the outside yet, only from the inside.

Sleep: More difficult, but only because I feel like I squishing the baby when I'm on my stomach and I don't sleep as well in other positions.

Clothing: About the same.  Mostly maternity shirts and my pre-pregnancy dresses with cardigans and leggings.  With the exception of my stretchy, skinny jeggings, my jeans and work pants are getting tight.  I'm definitely going to need maternity work pants come January.  (I only bought two pairs of pants last time...one pair of jeans and one pair of casual work capris...because I was large in the spring and summer months and could get away with lots of skirts and shorts.)

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions

Similarities from First Pregnancy: I said I finally "felt" pregnant at 21 weeks the first time.  

Differences from First Pregnancy: As I was reading my blog posts from around week 20 of my first pregnancy, I remembered some weird symptoms I had.  My hands were tingly and achy and I could barely hold my toothbrush in the morning.  Haven't had that yet.  Also started feeling heartburn around week 24...here's hoping that holds off a little longer this time!  Last pregnancy, I was terrified of the whole labor and delivery process.  This time, I'm more terrified of going into labor at school and life after returning home from the hospital!

What I Miss: Fortunately, I found a delicious non-alcoholic wine that tastes AMAZING!  It's helping me not miss adult beverages so much.

Best Moment: Hearing the {normal} results of second trimester screening.

Looking Forward To: Christmas...and eating all the holiday goodies!

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