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A growing family can only mean one thing.  A shrinking home!  Or so it seems.

When we closed on our house in 2009, we had three bedrooms to play with.  The master, of course, a second that we made into the guest bedroom, and a third that became the office.  Fast forward two {and a half} years and we started planning the nursery.  Which meant the office had to go--to the basement.  No big deal.  We rearranged a few things, and though our basement seemed a bit crammed, it worked.  A few months later, we decided to add a wall in the basement (and hence, increase the number of bedrooms in our house by one).  The wall turned out beautifully and our fourth bedroom, once again, because a true office.  The basement was even more crammed, as this forced us to move our shuffleboard table into the "living" space, but again, it worked.

Well, now, two years later, we're planning for a second child.  Which means a second kids' room.  Which means the guest bedroom got the boot--to the basement.  Into our fourth bedroom that, less than a year ago, became the office.  The office has now been moved into to the "living" space area of the basement. 

Whew!  Did you follow all of that?  And I thought the basement was crammed before...

Here are some pictures of our newly rearranged basement and "new" guest bedroom. 

My favorite little corner.  It called for a new chair from Target.  Merry Christmas to us!

The nice thing about the guest bedroom in the basement is the bathroom connected to it.  But unfortunately, it's only a half bath and guests have to climb two stories of stairs to take a shower.

Here is the new "office" / Craig's workout space.

And the living space...more packed than ever.

As for my scrapbooking stuff, it's now in one-half of the guest bedroom closet.  The hubs added a rod to the other half so guests could hang clothes.  We lost a little storage, but it works!

Now, who wants to be our first guest in our "new" guest bedroom??

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