Bumpdate: Week 23

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  I'm 23 weeks today, on the 24th!  Due date is less than four months away, so I guess that puts me at over five months pregnant!  I still find that pretty hard to believe and with each day that passes, I'd say I'm getting more and more nervous about being a mom of two!  

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size of Baby: ~11 inches, just over a pound; the size of a large mango

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: I'm not sure I want to know...

Food Cravings: I've been wanting steak and potatoes, but in this weather, it's hard to grill steak...Texas Roadhouse to the rescue!

Food Aversions: Still not really in the cooking mood, unfortunately.

Movement: I've been feeling the baby kick/punch my bladder which causes a sharp urge to pee.

Sleep: Sleeping well!

Clothing: The same - 90% maternity clothes.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: A very strong sense of smell.  I've noticed this throughout my pregnancy, but even more so as of late.  Also, the heartburn (throat burn) is starting.  I remember feeling it for the first time with Brantley after eating an Oreo (weird because I'm not an Oreo girl) and noticed this time after eating a cookie.

Differences from First Pregnancy: I still enjoy being pregnant, but definitely not as much as I did the first time around.  I tire easily and get really worn out from taking care of Brantley.  I'm just feeling so much larger this time for some reason...

What I Miss: All the holiday beer.

Best Moment: It's Christmas break...all the moments are good.

Looking Forward To: Ringing in the new year because that's the year Baby will arrive! 

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