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So as I mentioned in my post on Friday, we had big weekend plans to visit the Louisburg Cider Mill over the weekend.  Not only is it a Cider Mill, but also a pumpkin patch with a corn maze, hayride...you know, all the fun, fall stuff like that!  It was also Ciderfest, which I guess just means they have vendors selling things (Pampered Chef, Thirty One, etc.).  We've been to the pumpkin patch in Gardner, but I had heard that this one was way better. 

However, we were a bit disappointed in the whole ordeal.  Ciderfest was free, but pretty small and compact.  There wasn't much room to push around a stroller, nor was the store very stroller-friendly.  The Baby Bjorn would have been a much smarter choice, but unfortunately we forgot to bring it.  We, of course, took some festive fall photos (which is what really matters!), but that's about it.  The pumpkin patch/corn maze/hayride was in a completely separate area, across the parking lot, and the charge was $8 to enter.  There were activities for kiddos inside that area, but we decided not to pay...it's not like Brantley could have participated in the activities anyway, so we basically would have paid $8 each to pick out {and buy} pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  No thanks.  I'll just to go Hy-Vee.

I'm sure we'll give it a go again next year when Brantley is old enough to participate in some of the activities, but to be honest, this year it was kind of lame.  However, some people swear by this place, so check it out and decide for yourself!

After leaving Louisburg, we were driving back up 69 Highway and saw signs for the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  Craig and I have lived in this city of ours for five and six years, respectively, yet neither of us have ever been!  So we decided to take a little detour and stop there.  Very cool place!  We walked the trails and enjoyed the fabulous fall day.  And that's about it for our Sunday funday.

Cider Fest

Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

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  1. he looks so adorable!! everyone is going to the pumpkin patch already, i need to go!! I love his little shoes!!