Fall Craftables

Well, hello there!  Long time, no blog!  (As the hubs pointed out last night.)

Not a lot to blog about around here.  Maybe more after this busy weekend.  The Lenexa chili cook-off (just attending, not competing), possibly some family Christmas card photos, a housewarming party, and the NICU reunion!  That's right, the hospital hosts a reunion every year for all NICU grads. :)  I am so excited to reunite with Brantley's AMAZING nurses!  I can't wait to show them how much B-Man has grown!  They will be proud, I'm sure!

And, this is my last no-worry weekend.  Back to reality (i.e. work) on Monday.  Monday is also the start of my final grad class.  Soooo not looking forward to that.  Thank goodness it's my final one!

Anyway, my last week of freedom has been pretty low-key.  Perfect, actually.

Lots of this.

And this.
 And even more.
He really was cuddling on me here...you just can't tell. :)
Definitely been soaking up every second with this cutie.  In fact, he's sleeping on my chest as I type this post!  Multitasking at its finest.

Btw, yes I wear white v-necks nearly every day.  Why wear anything else when I get spit up on frequently?  Case in point - yesterday I wore a cute sweater because we went to see a friend and her newborn baby girl...and, of course, I ended up doing an unplanned load of laundry because B-Man decided to puke all over me.  No complaints though.  Love him (and everything about him) so, so much.

What else have I been doing during my last week of freedom?  Well, crafting, of course!  I decided we needed a few more fall/Halloween things in our house, so here's what I came up with.

(Well, really I didn't come up with anything.  Copied it all from others'!)

Craftable #1: A fall wreath for our front door.  Totally stole this idea from my friend, Lauren.  Wrapped a letter with twine (both purchased from Hobby Lobby), made some fabric flowers from old t-shirts (tutorials here and here), and attached both to the wreath (also from HL).  Viola!  The flowers are hot glued, but the letter can be re-used for a similar Christmas wreath with red and green flowers.

Craftable #2: DIY candy jars.  Found this idea on Pinterest.  Love, love, love it!  Basically, I turned a bunch of individual wooden pieces and glass jars into cute, festive candy jars!  I copied the project from here.  And the best part?  The ribbon and letters can be removed/changed for different seasons/holidays.  I'm already planning JOY for Christmas.  Any 3-letter Valentine or Easter suggestions?

P.S. If you come over, eat (the candy) at your own risk.  I found two of the three kinds in my Halloween tote...they are 2+ years old, I'm pretty sure.

Craftable #3: Pumpkin and ghost wine bottles.  I pinned this on Pinterest, but didn't think much about it until my friend Lindsay made some.  She inspired me to do the same.  She brushed on acrylic paint and did the same for the faces.  I used spray paint (took the easy way out) and drew on the faces with a black sharpie.  The spray paint was easy, but if you look close, there are a lot of drips on the bottles and it doesn't look great.  Oh well.

Anyway, that's all for now!  See you tomorrow for Friday Photo Dump! :) 


  1. Cute crafts Sarah! Love reading your adorable blog. Your candy jars are cute - what about X's and O's for valentines day and hop for Easter?
    Good luck starting back to work!

  2. You've inspired me to make those wine bottles for this coming weekends project! Great idea and love how they turned out. One problem, we returned all of our bottles this week so I better get to drinking so I have a few empty bottles, LOL!