A Makeover for the Wall

Gone is the collage of frames and photos of our nieces, nephews, and extended fam.  {Sorry peeps, we love ya lots, but nothing compares to pics of our own, beautiful child.}  In place are clean, simple, large, 16x20 frames for photos of just our immediate little family.  Well, mostly Brantley right now, but once we get family photos taken this fall, one or two will be replaced.

A whopping ten weeks after his newborn session, I am finally able to stare at the amazing photos each and every day as they hang our living room wall.  It took me awhile to decide what I wanted.  I thought I knew: large square (20x20ish) frames with an opening at least 8x10 inches big.  I search everywhere for huge, square frames.  But square = hard. to. find.  The only ones I found were at Pottery Barn for $50 each.  No thanks.  Not when I need five or six of them.

So I had to change my approach slightly.  I found large, rectangular frames at Kohl's for 11x14 photos.  Close enough.

I needed the hubby's help to hang them.  However, what started as a simple "Let's redo the photos on our wall" turned into "Let's fix some nail pops, repaint two entire walls, redo the photos, and redecorate our house."  Well, not really, but sort of.  We moved decor from downstairs upstairs and vice versa.  I'll consider that redecorating. :) 

It took us forever to figure out how to arrange the frames.  We just couldn't get them to look right.  Five frames or six?  Horizontal or vertical?  Even spaces or clustered together?  Lots of nail holes and pencil marks later, we are finally happy with the end results.

What do you think?

{They really are huge frames, I promise.  The pictures are just taken from far away!}