We Survived!

We have two days under our belt and survived!

Made it through Day 1!
Today was a much better day for me.  No tears whatsoever!  (Yesterday was another story...)  Today was also my first day with kids, so that definitely helped.  They are thrilled to have me back. :)  And of course, I'm excited to be back!  Excited to {once again} share my love and passion for math!  It felt so good to teach once again! 

There are some times when it feels like I never left.  Yet other times, it feels like I've been gone forever.  Right now I feel very scatterbrained and overwhelmed, but I am hopeful that within a week, I'll have a good routine down.  I keep reminding myself also that it will take time to bring my kids up to speed, develop relationships with the classes, and feel like I have positive, productive days.  Being gone at the beginning of the year is not an easy thing!  (Note to self: Plan for a spring Baby #2.) :)

Getting up early is....a huge adjustment.  Before Monday, the last time I set my alarm for before 8am was the day I was induced!  And the time before that?  May 25 - our last day of school last year!  I forgot how much I hate the sound of that alarm when it goes off.  I think I already hit snooze once of twice today.

And of course, today I woke up with a sore throat and what seems to be the start of a horrible cold.  Ugh.  

Brantley had a great two days, too!  The other kids were so excited to finally meet him!  They've been hearing a lot about him, and when I picked him up yesterday, he was all smiles!

I got a picture of B-Man with Miss Stephanie on his first day at daycare.  Yep, definitely going to be that mom.

Well, I'm sure I could write lots more (there's a lot floating through this head of mine), but I just put the babe to bed and have got to get some work done! 

However, I did survive.  I imagine it will only get easier from here!

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  1. I so remember the first week going back to work after I had Isaiah...and I was the same way... Emotional! But I think it does get easier! Good job, mama!