Friday Photo Dump

Friday.  The weekend brings an all new meaning now that I'm back at work.  Two full days to have my little man all to myself.  Is there anything better?

I survived a full week at work.  And actually, I'm glad to be back.  It feels good.  The students have been so sweet and have told me about a million times how thankful they are for my return.  One student said she learned more in one day than she did all quarter. :)  It sure is nice to be appreciated this much!

To top off my week, the hubs surprised me with an early Christmas Octobermas present.  My very own digital SLR camera!  So. excited.  Now I just need to figure out how to use it!  Thanks hubby!  You're the best!

Top: Kisses from Mommy | Yes, we do wear our jammies to Target! | Mr. Ladies' Man
Middle: Family mirror shot | Watching a little College Gameday | Mmmm tasty toes
Bottom: My gift | Sitting in my stroller like a big boy | Survived day 1 at work/daycare

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