Brantley Carter: 3 Months Old!

Well, we made it to the 3-month mark!  According to friends, we can breathe a sigh of relief as the first three months are the hardest.  Likewise, this is supposedly when babies become more interactive, and hence more "fun".  I would have to agree!  Though you've been smiling for some time now, you started smiling at both your Daddy and I, practically every time we talk to you (except during your 3-month photo shoot, of course), just over a week ago.  It's like it finally clicked with you - you know who we are and you are so happy every time you see us!  Such a great feeling as a parent.  You also giggled for the first time last night!  A-dor-able!  You are very observant and love to look and look and look at all of your surroundings.  You babble like you're talking to us and follow us with your eyes.  This month's discoveries?  Your hands (you chew on them all the time) and most recently, your tongue!  It's so funny to watch you play with it, move it around, and even stick it out!  You are a very happy baby.  Somewhat serious, but nonetheless, happy!

The three-month-mark is very bittersweet for mama because it means my time with you (aka maternity leave) is almost up.  I can't say it enough - I've been so very lucky to have this much time with you and have enjoyed every single second of every day.  I sure will miss you once I return to the teaching world and even had my first breakdown last night.  Two weeks to go...

Look at that belly!!

Size - 13 pounds, 4 ounces (According to the Mommy & Me Boutique at Shawnee Mission.  I'm going to make it a goal to go every month on or near your monthly birthday.)

Words - Clearly, no words, but lots of baby babble, goo-goo gaa gaa, and coos.  A little crying on occasion, but not much.

Activity - We busted out the Baby Einstein bouncer a week or so ago.  Though you're still a bit small for it (your feet are a long way from the floor!), it's something new to play with!  You also lay on your play gym frequently (though you bore quickly), sit in your Bumbo on occasion, and of course, swing.  You officially rolled over (from belly to back) on September 19 and have done it again multiple times since.  You hold your head very high during tummy time...such strong neck muscles you have at just three months old!

Food - You generally eat five ounces every 3(ish) hours (except overnight).  We dropped your seventh feeding of the day, so you now eat six times per day*, the first around 7:30 am and last being 10:30 pm, for a total of 30(ish) ounces.  On rare occasions, you scream after five ounces, so we fix another ounce and you scarf it down.  We also switched from Enfamil Newborn to Enfamil Infant, and then to the Target brand of the same.  Thank goodness for's soooo much cheaper and ingredient for ingredient the exact same thing!  I quit pumping since your last monthly update.  I was not producing enough milk for it to be worth my time and as a result, don't want to mess with it once I return to work.  I wish things were different and I was producing more, but I have accepted the fact that you will be just fine as a formula-fed babe.  After all, your dad was formula-fed-only and he seems to be doing okay.

*Tomorrow, we're attempting to cut the 6th feeding, increase each feeding to six ounces (still 30 ounces each day), and put you to bed a little earlier.  

Sleep - You're back to being an amazing sleeper!  Those few nights of waking up were just that...a few nights.  Not sure what the deal was, but we sure were relieved that fourth night when you slept straight through again!  Like your mommy, you loooove your sleep!  Lots of cat naps during the day, too, though they seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Bedtime/Waketime - Right now, you usually go down for the night around 10:45 or 11, after your final feeding.  You awake anytime between 7:15 and 7:45 in the morning.

Hair - Still looks red to me!  Though I can also see blond and brown, too.  Hmmmm....I wonder it's going to be in a year?

Eyes - Still baby blue like Daddy's!

Likes - The blinds, sucking/chewing on your hands (or your shirt, or a blanket), diaper changes (weird), your paci, white noise (especially the Sitter Seal app), your swing, being swaddled (still), car rides/movement, watching t.v., your Mommy & Daddy.

Dislikes - Wet/dirty diapers, being tired, being hungry.  (You don't dislike tummy time as much anymore since you can hold your head up!)

Wardrobe - Mostly 3 to 6-month clothing, but you still fit in some 0-3.

Diapers - Size 1, mix of Huggies and Pampers, whatever we have on hand!

Mommy's Fave - Your BIG smiles where your eyes crinkle up, especially when you're smiling at us, and of course, your newest thing - your laugh!

Love you little B-Man!! :)


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  1. Soooo CUTE!! These posts on each of his month "birthdays" are such a great idea!! What a great memory to keep and share with the family!! Love it :)