Friday Photo Dump

Happy Friday!  B-man turns three months this weekend!  All I can say to that is...WOW.

What else is WOW?  This weather!  Sunday's low is something ridiculous like 29!  Holy brrrrr!  This girl is not quite ready for coat-weather yet.  Or ever.  That would be okay, too.  Let's just hope it's a one-weekend thing and then we're back to sunny, 70-degree, fall-like days.  Please?  Pretty please?

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

Top: My attempt at a Chevron pumpkin | Hmmmm....I'm pretty handsome! | B-Man & Madi play date
Middle: First sushi since pre-pregnancy - YUM! | Silly boy | New necklace
Bottom: Such a big boy! | Cider Mill | The extent of my fall decor


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