It's October

Which means one thing.

I go back to work this month.  It's been an amazing {almost} five months off!  Five months, holy cow!  That's almost half a year!  I'm very lucky in that sense.

Three weeks from today I'll be back to the grind.  Back in the swing of things.  Back. to. work. 

So, I'm going to quit blogging for the day and go enjoy my {almost} three month old before my time is all up.  Happy Monday!



  1. Soak up every last minute! But the days at school will go by fast...I promise. And when you love what you do (and are great at it like you!) then you can find a way to make it all work. :)

    In response to your comment about Cade's baby food...I did make his...he just didn't end up eating too much baby food. I bought a Beeba machine (off Craigslist) with the freezer trays. The machine is super cool and steams then blends up the food. However, I made WAY TOO MUCH each time I used it. We would have the same food to eat forever and ever and ever considering how little of servings they eat. And to be honest I just wasn't all about even offering baby food. Nursing and giving him pumped milk in a bottle was going well and we had our groove going so I didn't necessarily put a lot of effort into offering solids until he was older. At that point we just transitioned to table food pretty much. But he was a texture freak-picky eater because we missed our window of opportunity. I will not make the same mistake twice! But I probably won't be so insistant on making my own food this time. So I don't really have much advice to offer after all that! I wasn't really using a recipe book though, I was just steaming and pureeing food so if there's specific recipes I'm sure that will help. :) You are super-mom. You will make it work. :)

  2. I am in the same boat - go back to work on Oct 24!!! I keep telling myself that he will just love day care and hanging out with all the kids and not just me :) I know your little one will do great!