Friday Photo Dump

Happy Friday!  We have a pretty low-key weekend planned with the exception of Louisburg Cider Mill's Cider Fest on Sunday!  Yay for a fun, fall activity!  Oh, and redoing the frames up our stairs...see below.

Stay tuned for pics of both next week!

Top: New over-sized frames | New football hat knitted by one of Mommy's friends | Chatting with Daddy
Middle: Big KU fan | Like father, like son - Daddy always curls his toes like this! | So human-like
Bottom: Old Navy colored jeans for $19?  Yes, please! | First pumpkin spice latte of the season | Iowa baby

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  1. I didn't even realized when I started following you that you were lived in Kansas until I saw the KU onsie!! We have 2 KU onsies & pacifiers, & bibs, the list goes on. I live in Georgia now but I was born & raised in kansas for 19 years & I am a HUGE KU fan, I met my man here in georgia so i'm here to stay, till I can convince him to move to good old kansas :)