Friday Photo Dump

Oh, Friday.  You bring many people so much joy.  But not me, not today anyway.  Such a sad, sad Friday.  My last official day of maternity leave.  And what am I doing?  Going into school.  For a flu shot, nonetheless.  Yuck.

But don't you worry.  I have a hair appointment, as well.  What girl doesn't love hair appointments?  Cut and highlight.   A little pampering for myself.  And I'm meeting my math ladies for lunch.  They have an in-service day today, aka get to leave school and have a normal, working person's lunch.  So excited to see my lovely co-workers!

I already told you about our upcoming weekend plans.  Hopefully the weather holds up.  It's pretty dreary out right now.

Have a great one everyone!  And please pray for me to make it through Monday without crying my eyes out all. day. long. :(

Top: What's up, Mom? | Fall craftable #1 | B-Man and his g-friend
Middle: Fall craftable #2 | Normal Kinnick behavior | DIY t-shirt fringe scarf
Bottom: Brantley's not a fan of sharing his mommy | Sleepy sleep time | Fall craftable #3

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  1. I really like that chevron car seat holder thing!! It caught my eye :)