39 Weeks: Last Pregnancy Update!

Well, Baby didn't come over the weekend, but at least this will be my last pregnancy update!  We're down to four days...and definitely counting!  It's still so hard to believe!

We celebrated our last child-free weekend by having dinner with friends on Friday (at contemporary Mexican restaurant Frida's--wouldn't have been so bad if their AC was working), deep cleaned our house/prepared for visitors on Saturday, ran errands yesterday, and finally, spent some quality time at the pool both Saturday and Sunday.  Turns out, you can't swim for six weeks after having a baby (not that we would anyway with a newborn), so we wanted to be sure to soak up the sun one two last times this summer!  We also grilled out, went for a few late-night walks, and took a couple of naps.  Successful last weekend, I'd say!

I have no big plans for this week.  Just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, I guess.  I am so excited that next week at this time we should (fingers crossed) be home with our baby!  And I'm excited for his grandparents' visit, as well!

Kinnick isn't sure what to think.  He definitely soaked up his mommy time today, cuddling and giving me lots of "hugs".

And now for my very last update...until Baby #2, that is! :)

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A watermelon

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
Baby Sides is likely able to flex his limbs and his brain is still rapidly developing!

Just ice cream...every. single. day.

He's still moving, despite the limited room.  We still feel his extremities poking out often!

No worse, but no better.  I still wake up often and can't get comfortable.  I can't wait to sleep on my stomach once again!!

Maternity shorts, skirts, and tank tops.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms:
Same as last week...swelling, acid reflux like no other (despite baby dropping), and carpel-tunnel like symptoms when I wake up every morning.  Today I woke up with a nasty cold sore on my lip and my face is broken out bad, too.  Weird when I rarely wear make-up during these hot, summer days...

Here's the final baby bump photo!  Well...I'll probably take one last pic before heading to the hospital later this week!


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  1. YOU LOOK GREAT! Best of luck for the week to come and an early CONGRATS to you both!!! Looking forward to the Baby Sides debut! :) XOXO!