Advice & Packing List

I am lucky to have so many friends who became mommies before me and passed along some great pre-baby and hospital advice.  Since the advice helped me so much, I thought I'd pass along some of their great suggestions (and a few of my own) to you!

  • Make sure you stock up on the following items before baby: 
    • Always overnight pads (you'll bleed for 4 to 6 weeks is what they told me!), 
    • Tucks (very refreshing when you feel swollen and bruised "down there")
    • Stool softener (docusate sodium is safe for baby)
    Of course, the hospital will supply you with these items while you're there, but you'll want them once you return home, as well!  And it's pretty difficult to make a Target-run once baby arrives...especially if you end up in the NICU like we did! 
  • A friend also suggested I buy a few pairs of cheap, cotton undies to wear in lieu of the disposable, mesh, one-size-fits-all things they give you in the hospital.  Though I took her advice, I actually didn't mind the mesh things for the first week.  It was nice to just throw them away every day!
Get excited for these sexy things

  • Speaking of the hospital, take everything they give are paying for it, after all!  Ask your nurse for extras of everything (pads/mommy diapers, tucks, numbing spray, ice packs, etc.) before you are discharged and take the extra baby supplies (diapers, wipes, etc.), as well!  Funny story--our backyard neighbor guy said he took even the blankets when his wife had their first child.  Ha!

  • If you're planning to breast will be helpful to buy some nursing bras and/or nursing camis or tank tops.  They unsnap towards the top and allow for quick and easy access.  Target sells both items for around $20 a piece.  I also got a couple of bras from Gordman's, as I discovered they sell Motherhood brand stuff for cheaper.
This is how they unsnap
  • Speaking of breast feeding, it's painful...or at least it is for me!  Make sure you buy some lanolin nipple cream to help soothe your sore, irritated boobs.  Breast pads are nice, too!  They go inside your bra and are meant to protect you from leaks, but I also like them so my bras don't get greasy after using the lanolin.  I've heard the disposable breast pads are better/more absorbent than the non-disposable.  I have the Lansinoh brand and they are fine.
  • If you're planning to may not be aware that you have to hold the funnels on while pumping.  Annoying.  I'd prefer to multitask since every minute seems rather valuable these days.  They sell hands-free pumping bras, but my friend Rachel mentioned that she cut holes in an old sports bra instead.  So, I tried the same and it worked like a charm!  The only downfall is that it's a pain to put on over my head every time.  I may eventually break down (once I return to work) and buy one of the strapless pumping bras, but for now, my homemade hands-free bra beats spending $35!

And finally, here is a hospital packing list!  I compiled it after searching the Internet and asking my friends and sister what was necessary!

For Baby
  • Going home outfit (You may want a newborn and 0-3 month outfit - you never know how big your baby will be!)
  • Car seat & owner's manuel
  • Baby nail clippers w/ nail file
  • Optional: booties/socks, hat, receiving blankets, pacifier (hospital should supply all)
For Mom/Dad
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash
    • Hairbrush
    • Hair ties/bobby pins/elastic headband
    • Razor/shaving cream
    • Shampoo/conditioner
    • Body wash/shower poof
    • Facewash/facewash wipes
    • Contacts/contact solution
    • Glasses
    • Deodarant
    • Pre-natal vitamins
    • Lotion
    • Make-up
    • Hair dryer
    • Chapstick
  • Snacks for Dad ahead of time and for Mom afterwards
  • Socks, slippers, or flip flops for Mom
  • Robe for Mom (I never used)
  • Pajamas
  • Cotton undies for Mom
  • Always overnight pads
  • Change of clothes for at least 3 days (I suggest some yoga pants, running shorts, tank tops, t-shirts)
  • Your own pillow
  • Bath towels--the hospitals are very small!
  • Tervis tumbler/water jug/bottled water for Dad
For Breast Feeding/Pumping
  • Nursing bra(s)--no underwire
  • Nursing nightgown(s)*
  • Nursing cami(s)
  • Old sports bra w/ holes cut
  • Boppy pillow & cover
  • Nursing/breast pads
  • Lanolin nipple cream
  • Breast pump (The hospital will supply the tubing and parts, but it's nice to make sure you know how yours works before going home.)
*A friend suggested this, but I never bought one.  It might be nice for the overnight feedings, but I just slept in a nursing cami.

  • Insurance info
  • Birth plan
  • Baby book to start at hospital, if wanted
  • Camera with extra batteries, cord to upload photos to computer
  • Cell phones and chargers
  • Laptop/iPad and charger
  • $25 in cash for baby's birth certificate/social security card
  • Change for vending machine
  • Magazines or light reading
  • Extra bag or diaper bag to load up on supplies
  • Paper/pencil for notes, gifts, etc.
  • Thank you cards


  1. WOW! Now I don't know what is more nerve racking... giving birth or this information!! That picture of that underwear scared the bejabbers out of me! That was quite the education I just got by reading this, holy cats!

  2. Lol! Glad I could help! :) Luckily, we learned about all the scariness (mommy diapers, mesh undies, tucks, etc.) in our childbirth class so I was somewhat prepared! It's not scary though...I promise!

  3. The $35-40 for the hands free pumping bra stings at first, but it's SOOOOO worth the money. You won't regret buying one. I thought about using an old sports bra, but you are right, those don't work for work.

  4. I was just putting my list together...I'm not sure where my list from Zay went, but this was a helpful reminder! I do remember feeling like we were moving in with how much stuff we brought!!!