A Good Day

Despite Daddy going back to work today, it was probably our best day yet!  Instead of receiving more disappointing news during this morning's pediatrician visit, we finally got some words of encouragement!

First of all, she (our pediatrician) was very happy with the progress Brantley showed over the past 24 hours.  For the first time since birth, he gained weight!  It was just a couple fractions of an ounce, but weight nonetheless!  And the amount he gained is totally normal for any newborn during a 24-hour period.

Gaining weight means he's learning how to breast feed, which means he must be feeling a little better! 

Speaking of breastfeeding, it's going great!  We worked with the lactation specialist (who happens to be an old student's mom!) this morning, and we're both (Brantley and I) learning together.  He is on a schedule and I'm required to feed him every three hours: today at 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5:30, etc.  I'm also required to pump immediately following his feedings and am continually getting more milk each time!  During the last session, I was up to 30ml (1 ounce)...and that was after he ate for 30 full minutes!

Oh, the things that excite me these days! :)

She also gave his nurse the go-ahead to decrease his fluid IV (nutrition) by 3 units once he showed success at breastfeeding at least 20ml.  Well, during his 2:30 feeding this afternoon, he ate 40ml!  Such an over-achiever he is!  (They know this because they weigh him both immediately before and after his period of eating.)

So, the nurse took him from 16.5 to 13.5 units of IV.  Once that number decreases to 3 units, we can take him with us back to our room. 

So, lots of good things going on.  I have no doubt that all of your positive thoughts and prayers have something to do with that!

And finally, the countdown for days remaining on his antibiotic is on!  We have crossed over into single digits.  Today is day five...there are nine to go in the 14-day regimen.  Of course, that countdown isn't necessarily our "Going Home" countdown, but we'll cross one bridge at a time!

Daddy went back to work today, but did stop to see little Brantley during lunch.  Here is a picture of Brantley and his dressed-up daddy and a couple we sent to Daddy so he could get his Brantley-fix!  (Sorry for the poor photo quality.  I never take my real camera down, so these are all on my phone.)


  1. I am so glad to hear the good news and I know that there will be lots more of it in the future.

    I don't know exactly at what age babies begin burping up stuff but you might want to tell Craig to switch to tie dyed dress shirts or add a blanket to the holding routine.

  2. So glad you are getting good news.... I hope he gets to come home soon!!