Hotel Shawnee Misison & Brantley Update

This place is beginning to feel like home.

Except that we've been forced to move rooms four times now.  We're in room #5.  Ugh.

But...we're thankful to have a place to stay.  I'm honestly not sure what we'd do otherwise.  Especially since I'm feeding every three hours now.

There are some perks to this place.  The cafeteria has great cookies.  And I get a latte every morning.  It's no Starbucks, but something I look forward to!  The t.v. also has some great relaxation channels.  It makes me feel like I'm in a spa.  And the nurses are wonderful.  I honestly can't say enough great things about the nurses.

As for the Brantley update: today is day 12 (of 14) on antibiotics.  Assuming they are doing their job, we'll be out of here Friday night.  The nurse practitioner will perform another spinal tap sometime today, which will show if the infection is gone.  If not, it's another seven days here, but we're hopeful that's not the case.

I am so ready to be home!  To show Brantley his house and his awesome room and introduce him to his doggy brother and take him for walks and get newborn photos taken and do all kinds of fun things we can't do here.  I know poor Kinnick is ready for us to be home, too.  We go home each evening for dinner and he always tries to come back with us.  Luckily, my parents have been here since Saturday to help with things around the house (thank you, Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!) and have given K-Dog lots of attention.  Still, they're no mommy and daddy...

I'm also ready to introduce Brantley to the world.  We were advised to limit our visitors while here and there are so many people who want to meet him.  There are so many people I want him to meet, a well!

Anyway, there's the latest!  I hope to update again soon with happy homecoming news!  Pray for us, pray for him, and pray that the antibiotics have done their job.


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