Week One

Happy 1-week birthday little Brantley!  You sure have put us through some stress in your short week of life.  Let's not make that a habit, okay?

We are so excited for week two and look forward to all that's to come!

I have taken notes of our day-by-day activities and will do my best to document it all here.

07.06.12 / Friday (your BIRTHday!)
  • Visitors: Grandma & Grandpa Fritz, Grandma Sides, Aunt Lori, Cousins Carson, Brekkyn, & Adley, and Josh, Rachel, & "Baby Cashew"
  • At 8:30pm (six hours after birth), your pediatrician's on-call partner decided to put you in the NICU for the night :(
07.07.12 / Saturday
  • Visitors: Grandma & Grandpa Fritz, Grandma Sides, Aunt Lori, Cousins Carson, Brekkyn, & Adley
  • Lots more visitor requests, but Mommy and Daddy turned them down, due to your already-down immune system
  • We received news that you'd have to stay in the NICU for a full 48 hours, at the very least
  • You had a stomach x-ray because you were spitting up some neon-greenish junk--thankfully it didn't show much of anything abnormal
  • Since you were still in the NICU, your cousins were bummed they couldn't see and hold you again (hospital rules say NICU visitors must be at least 14 years old)
  • Daddy offered to change multiple diapers - and did a great job with it!
  • You had your first bout of hiccups since joining the outside world - it was fun for Mommy since you had them often in my belly - but they were quite frustrating to you and made you cry!
  • Grandma & Grandpa Fritz left for their week-long vacation to the Ozarks
  • Mommy felt well enough to take her first shower since giving birth
07.08.12 / Sunday
  • You first weigh-in since birth: 7 pounds, 6 ounces
  • Visitors: Grandma Sides, Aunt Lori, Cousins Carson, Brekkyn, & Adley, Mommy's co-worker John McFall (with a gift for Mommy - a 'Mama Cover')
  • Mommy was discharged from the hospital; her and Daddy moved to a "boarding" room
  • You latched on and attempted to breast feed for the first time
07.09.12 / Monday
  • Weight: 7 pounds, 5 ounces
  • You had a spinal tap performed to see if your infection had spread (it had)...I hope it didn't hurt you too badly
  • A.M. update: you need seven days of antibiotics
  • P.M. update: you need ten days of antibiotics
  • Mommy had her first major breakdown (little sleep + a sick baby = an upset Mommy)
  • Homerun Derby in Kansas City: Daddy was hoping to watch with you at home on our couch and was a bit disappointed he couldn't.
07.10.12 / Tuesday
  • Weight: 7 pounds, 5 ounces
  • Mommy & Daddy's second wedding anniversary
  • A.M. update: you need 14 days of antibiotics
  • You started feeding well with a little help from your nurses
  • Mommy mastered the art of time management and pumped in the car on the way home for the evening...can't waste minutes anymore!
  • Daddy called you Kinnick...and Mommy was laughing so hard, she was crying!  (Don't worry, Mommy did the same two days later!)
  • All-Star Game in Kansas City: Again, Daddy was disappointed he couldn't watch this at home with his little boy in his arms
07.11.12 / Wednesday
  • Weight: 7 pounds, 7 ounces (your first weight gain since birth)
  • Daddy went back to work so he can take his vacation days once you come home
  • Mommy was required to feed you on a very strict schedule - every three hours - which made sleeping very, very difficult
  • However, you began eating very well - it was like the flip of a light switch.  You were such a champ and surprised even your nurses about how quickly you caught on!  That's my boy!
07.12.12 / Thursday
  • Weight: 7 pounds, ??
  • Your feeding IV was removed and you made your way to our "boarding" room around 11:30am
  • You started "demand" feeding, but the nurses still wanted you to eat at least every three hours
  • Daddy had first first talk with you about KU basketball...it was so cute!
  • And...Mommy called you Kinnick.  Again, tears in our eyes because we were both laughing so hard! 

A few side notes for myself more than anything...
  • Once this baby was out, my heartburn/acid reflux was gone!  Vanished.  Just like that!  Such a great feeling!
  • Despite waking up every three hours to feed, it's amazing how much more comfortable sleeping is!
  • For someone that sleeps a lot (and I mean a lot), I feel like I'm doing very well with the little sleep I'm getting!  Maybe I'm still running on adrenaline? 
And finally, it's not Friday without a Photo Dump!  Oh boy, do I have a lot from this week!  We just can't get enough of your sweet, little face!

Top: Little baby feet | Touchdown Kansas City! | Mommy & B-Rant
Middle: The hospital has yummy cookies | Brantley's hospital bed
Bottom: Cutie | Mommy & Daddy's anniversary lunch | Holding Daddy's hand

Top: Cute gift basket from a co-worker | Chubby little cheeks | Little burrito
Middle: His NICU spot | Diaper babies from the gift basket | Hangin' with Daddy on his lunch break
Bottom: Kisses from Mommy | Baby's ankle bracelet | A photo for his frog-loving great aunts

Top: More baby feet | Birth certificate | Just chillin'
Middle: Footprints | Gifts from Daddy's co-workers | Cute face
Bottom: More cuteness | Look at that pout! | Daddy's new sleeping position

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  1. Hey Sarah...just catching up on your little Brantley since we've been out of town for a few days. What a cutie and such a strong little boy for what he's gone through in this first week! Hope you are doing well and hopefully going home with your little guy soon! Take care!