Daddy-to-Be Survival Kit

While I was awaiting Baby B's arrival, I decided to put together this little Daddy Hospital Survival Kit with many of the hubs' favorite things.  (Pinterest-inspired, of course!)  I thought it would be a nice gift for the soon-to-be-daddy, and from what I'd heard, snacks for the hubby were a necessity for the labor/hospital stay.

I was super excited to surprise Craig with this once I went into labor...until he found it hidden in the basement closet and carried it upstairs, asking me what it was.  I was really upset that he found it.  So much so that I cried!  And then he felt really bad.  But now I laugh about it. :)

Anyway, little did he know (or maybe he did, who knows!) that I added some little notes to each item after he found it.  Most of the notes were cheesy, because I tried to tie them into the item.

For instance, the box of Reeses Pieces said, "I love you to pieces!  I know little Brantley will, too!"

The peanut M&Ms said, "I can't wait to meet our little peanut!"

The Starbucks Via said, "Thanks a latte (or Via) for all the extra foot rubs!"

The Wheat Thins said, "Thanks for always making me feel thin & beautiful, despite my baby belly!" 

And the Carmex said, "You are the balm!"  (Haha lip balm, bomb, get it?)

Anyway, the hubs loved it and I'm pretty sure he loved the snacks, as well!  He even confirmed that I had his "treats" before heading out to the hospital last Friday morning.  Of course, I did, honey!  He was excited for his M&Ms, to say the least...

He was amazing throughout my pregnancy and this was the least I could do to thank him!

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