My. Lucky. Day

Last May, we bought a new camera.  It was a Canon Powershot-something-or-other.  Canon's are supposedly really good cameras, and at that point, I'd had experience with two other digital, point-and-shoot cameras.  To make a long story short, I was really disappointed with quality of photos.  In fact, there were a couple times on our honeymoon last summer that I broke down and cried because those were "moments we were never gonna get back".  Laugh all you want.  I am a picture fanatic.  I take my camera everywhere and take freakishly more pictures than most people.  What can I say...I like to document my life.

Anyway, back to my camera-induced unhappiness.  By the time I decided I didn't like it, it was too late to return.  (Best Buy's electronics return policy is only good for 14 days...stupid.)

Fast forward six months to January.  My camera starts clicking when I try to turn it off and the lens has trouble shutting.  It still takes pictures properly, but I have to give the lens a nudge to power it off.  I called Canon and asked for my money back....of course, that is not an option, but luckily the camera was under warranty and I could send it in for repair.

After dragging my feet for a few more weeks (I hated to go without camera), I finally took it to Best Buy last week so they could send it in for me.  Today I receive a voicemail from them.  "Canon has decided to replace your camera instead of repair it.  Stop in to Best Buy and we can do that for you."

Ok fine, no big deal.  I was half-way expecting this anyway, as that's what the Best Buy geek told me might happen.

Tonight I went to Best Buy.  I was thinking it would be an even exchange.  Canon Powershot model X for Canon Powershot model X.

Enter my lucky day.

It just so happens that Best Buy was out of that particular model.  What's this mean for me??  I got a $199 credit (the value of the Powershot today, even though we payed $50 more ten months ago) towards another camera.  (I'm sure they could have ordered another Powershot if that's what I wanted.)  Like I said before, I was less than impressed with that camera so the last thing I wanted was another one of those pieces-o-crap.

So after talking, looking, stressing, playing, calling Craig, and debating, I decided on a different $199 Canon camera.  Still a Powershot, but a completely different model.  It's not one of those slim ones that fit in your actually has a big lens.  Whoa.  I'm big time now.

Old camera

New camera

Here's the even better part.  I decided on the bundle deal ($27 more for a case, memory card, and tripod).  That should have been paid out-of-pocket.  However, when I went to customer service to do my exchange, she couldn't do a credit for only $199 (since we payed $250 for it) so I got a credit of $250 which meant I got the bundle accessories for free!

New camera (which is what I wanted this entire time), camera case, memory card, and tripod all for free!  Things like this don't normally happen to me!

The big, bulky camera will take some getting used to.  But in the end, if the pictures are better, I'll be happy.

And two more positives...I have 14 days to change my mind and return this camera, and a brand new year-long warranty that begins today!

I was so happy on my way home I decided to stop at Cold Stone for some ice cream.  Then, I was even happier when I saw they're opening an Orange Leaf at Blackbob and 119th.  As if the other two (135th & Metcalf and 135th & Quivera) aren't close enough, now we have one less than a mile away!

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