Blog Facelift

I spent close to three hours tonight trying to give my blog a facelift!  (Productive, I know.)  Technically, three hours while also watching my Monday night shows so it wasn't a total waste of time. =)  My goal? Make a new, more personalized header.  Mission: complete!  Though it took a while and lots of trial and error in Microsoft Publisher, I'm fairly happy with the outcome.

I also tried multiple new "backgrounds", though for some reason, I kept going back to the original black and white.  The one thing that bothers me with it - the header is too wide for this particular design.  Any fellow bloggers out there know how to fix that?  I could probably shrink the header somehow, but it seems like it'd be easier to widen the page.  Anyone, anyone?

Here's my next favorite design....I like this one because the header fits better.  What do you think?  I'm open to suggestions!

Oh, one more question for bloggers.  How do I change the color of my blog post titles?  I can figure out how to change every other color, but can't find that.  Help!


  1. First time I read it I thought you said you were trying to give your dog a facelift. I was going to call the guys in the white coats & the rooms with padding on the walls & floors.

  2. Go to the Design Tab, then click on "Template Designer" right below the tabs. You can click on "Adjust widths" and hopefully make the wide enough... mine won't go much wider.

    Same place "Advanced" on the left side... scroll down to post titles. Click on that to change the colors.

    Hope that works! :o)

  3. My blog is in desperate need of a face lift. Unfortuneatly, I suck at figuring out how to make all these changes and can't help out there on any tips. I know when I take the time to change mine, it is going to take all afternoon and so I keep putting it off. Good job on yours, I like the new look!

  4. Looks great! Glad you figured it out! :)