Thank You Mr. Cornhusker

I was at school for 12 hours today.  7:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.  Why, you ask?  The dance team's Spring Show is this Saturday which means late practices every night.  It certainly makes for a long week.

Anyway, I left school tonight and decided to grab something to eat on my way home.  The hubby is out of town for work and I can only eat leftovers for so long.

After grabbing Panda Express to-go, I hop in my car, only to find that it will not start.  *Sigh*  I waited a few minutes and tried again.  Still nothing.  Not really knowing what else to do, I called Craig, despite the fact that he's hundreds of miles away in Nebraska.  I think I just wanted to hear his voice.

After hanging up with the hubs, I started calling friends that live near me.  I called four friends before I got ahold of anyone!  Geesh!  Good thing it wasn't a true emergency!  (No offense to the three of you that didn't answer. =) )

My friend Katie headed my way.  She's a good ten minutes away though, so, of course, I dug into my chow mein and orange chicken!  I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked sitting in my car, eating my Panda Express in the Panda Express parking lot!

Katie arrived and lucky for me, she even had jumper cables!  Good thing......except that neither of us knew how to use them!  She called her boyfriend Jason for some guidance...meanwhile I was freaking out because my manual reads "Jump-starting is dangerous if done incorrectly.  So follow the procedure carefully.  If you feel unsure about jump-starting, we strongly recommend that you have a competent service technician do the work."  Lol!  "Competent" would definitely not be me!

Not to mention all the fuzzy-looking corrosion on my battery.  Yuck.

Finally, I spotted some guys across the parking lot.  Thank goodness!  Men know how to jump-start cars like women know how to apply make-up.  I sprinted to them just as they were getting into their cars.  I was so desperate at that point, I knocked on one guy's window to get his attention and practically begged for his help!

I don't remember his name, but know based on his front license plate that he's a Nebraska Cornhusker fan.  If nothing else, I was prepared to welcome him to the Big 10.

Fifteen minutes and many thank-yous later, I finally had a running car!  Turns out Mr. Cornhusker was  originally from Iowa and said he loves Iowa City (who doesn't?).  Iowa peeps are always so nice!  Thank you to my friend Katie and the parking lot strangers who helped me find my way home this evening!

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