You Know You're Getting Old When... go out for St. Patty's Day (over Spring Break when you don't have to work for the next three days) and you're home shortly after 9 p.m.  That's how we rolled yesterday.

My friend Katie and I met up with other friends in Westport yesterday afternoon, but only stayed for a few hours.  Drinking and leaving our car in shady Westport overnight did NOT sound appealing to us.  Instead, we headed back to Johnson county to Maloney's to finish our celebration of the Irish holiday.  I think I had....ummmm.....4 beers in the 7 hours total we were out.  Crazy day, right??

Our friend Brandi met up with us after work and we chilled and talked girl stuff all evening.  But in the end, we headed home around 9:00 when two guys tried to buy us Irish Car Bomb shots.  I guess it's nice knowing guys still want to hit on us.....but we were content heading home to bed.

It was a beautiful day!!  Probably the nicest St. Patrick's day I can remember (other than the year I celebrated in Cancun, that is).  I enjoyed wearing sandals and going coat-less all day!  Here are the few photos I snapped throughout the day!

In Westport - Alissa, Erica M., Erica C., Katie, and myself

The random bagpipe player that paraded by Maloney's

Me, Katie, and Brandi

And here's the one that was taken for  We're famous!

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