Oh, no...

Monday nights are my fave.  I'm addicted to the Bachelor.  It truly is the best, most addicting reality show on tv.  I'm a sucker for anything "reality" but this is my absolute fave!

It dawned on me the other day...next week is the finale and I'm not even going to be around for it!!  I'll be in San Francisco and no way am I taking three hours out of my Spring Break vacay in San Fran to watch the Bachelor.  I can only imagine what my hubby would say...

I'm addicted to the Bachelor, but I'm also addicted to Facebook.  And People.com.  This puts me in a pretty big predicament.  Check Facebook and my fave celeb gossip site and find out which girl was selected, or stay off those websites for three days??  Grrrr....why does the finale have to be on my Spring Break??  Seriously, a tough decision.

I guess I have seven days to think about it!

Will he pick Emily?

Or Chantal?


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