Spring Fever

The day has finally come when our windows are open, our flip flops (and even shorts) are on, and the smell of the grill is again in the air!  I.  LOVE.  IT.  Even though Spring Break is over and I'm less than 12 hours from being back at school, it's refreshing to go back knowing we're ten short weeks away from summer.  And lazy days by the pool.  Ahhhhh I can hardly wait!

This evening I was in the mood to clean.  It happens every now and then, especially when our kitchen is disgusting (or at least what I think of as disgusting).  I can't stand a dirty kitchen.  In cleaning, I found some plant leaves we got from my parents' neighbors last August.  They've been floating in water ever since because I've been too lazy to plant them.  The Spring-like weather was enough motivation to do so though.  I couldn't help but take a picture, because like I said before, spring makes me very happy!  Isn't the flower pot cool?  My brother-in-law painted it and gave it to us last summer as a shower gift. 

Happy first-day-of-Spring everyone! 

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