Sppprrriinnngg Brrreeeaaakkk!!!!!

It's officially day one of SB2011!  I can't believe it's this time of year already!  I love it.  I love the start of spring and everything about it.  Daylight savings time, green grass, sunshine, baseball season, St. Patty's day, 4th quarter, and especially Spring Break!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and a perfect start to Spring Break.  It was close to 75 degrees, sunny, and I even wore flip flops for the first time this year!  You know it's a good day when it means flip flops! =)  Some friends and I decided it was too nice of a day to waste, so we met up at Elephant Bar for happy hour on their patio.  Happy hour turned into about 5 hours at the bar.  We had a great time!
Erica, Katie, and myself
Erica's fun drink
My mojito - mmmmmmmm!!
Katie's mango drink
We had the entire patio to ourselves!
Needed a pic with Brandi too!
Aren't they cute?

Tomorrow Craig and I leave for San Francisco.  It's been a crazy week and we were unsure as of Tuesday if we'd even be making the trip.  Last weekend Craig got a pimple-like bump between his eye and eyebrow.  It continually got worse, and overnight on Sunday he went to the ER.  The ER doc saw him for about 10 minutes and sent him on his way with a prescription for an antibiotic.  On Monday, he made an appointment with an ophthalmologist (as recommended by the ER doc).  The ophthalmologist diagnosed the spot as being cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin, but didn't seem too concerned.  Before going to bed on Monday night, I thought there was no way it could get any worse.  It was already horrible and ugly looking.  (If I'm being honest, it looked like he had a huge tumor growing under his skin or he had been badly beaten up.)  Well, I was wrong and on Tuesday morning it was not only worse, but his entire eye was swollen shut.  It was swollen above his eye, below his eye, and in the corner of his eye.  After talking with my school nurse and learning that eyes are nothing to mess with because "they're the closest organ to the brain", I encouraged Craig to see yet another doctor - one that actually cared.  He made another appointment and finally got some information.  The doc was very straight forward - said the infection could spread to the brain, could cause blindness if not treated, and that going to San Francisco may not be a smart idea.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to change antibiotics until he knew if the current prescription was working, so it was a matter of waiting it out.  He told Craig he wanted to see him everyday this week to check the progress.  Though disappointed about the possibility of canceling our vacation, we were relieved to have a doctor that seemed to care.

The swelling gradually improved (though still pretty ugly) and during his appointment on Thursday, the doc said it was "softening" which probably meant the antibiotic was doing its job.  Thank goodness!!  He loosened his stance on our vacation and said one of three things would likely happen: 1) it would drain internally, 2) it would start to slowly leak, or 3) it would burst open and fluid would start gushing out, which in case we needed to find the closest ER so they could treat it.  Comforting...

He didn't see the doctor yesterday, but the doctor called to personally check on Craig.  What a great guy!

Today is the best it has looked in a week.  However, it started bleeding this afternoon, so he called his doc who told him to come in.  I'll spare you from all the gory details (I'm being honest when I say I feel sick right now from thinking about it), but basically the doctor popped it open and cleaned it.  Gross.  Yuck.  Sick.  Craig documented the whole thing with his phone camera, but again I'll spare you from those photos.  If you ask nicely, I'm sure he'd be happy to text them to you!

The doc also cultured the junk he cleaned out and is currently taking it to the lab to find out if there's still bacteria there.  If so, he gave Craig a prescription for a different antibiotic.  Unfortunately, the antibiotic means no sun and little alcohol.  Craig is pretty bummed about that and is hoping the culture shows no bacteria.

We fly out tomorrow morning at 9:27 and arrive to San Fran at 11:23.  I'm praying that our trips to the doctor are over and we don't have to visit the ER while there.  We've also been strategizing about ways to cover up the hideousness in pictures (hats, sunglasses, etc.)

Keep us in your thoughts.  I'm beginning to think this vacation is not meant to be...first his eye thing and then the tsunami warnings.  If all goes well, we'll be back on Wednesday and I'll be sure to blog about our trip!

Happy Spring Break!

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