Ugh....It's Def a Monday

That's my countdown for the number of Mondays remaining this school year (not counting today).  Did I mention I'm really looking forward to summer?  Lazy days by the pool, grilling out, tank tops, shorts, dresses, sandals, tan skin, mojitos, baseball...  Not to mention, weddings, friends' 30th birthdays, and a trip to Hawaii!!!!!  It's gonna be great!

But first, I have to make it though those 8 remaining Mondays.  Here's to hoping they don't all start like this morning did...

First, here's what I woke up to.

Pure misery.  Just one week ago, it was 80 degrees!  And now THIS!  Not a happy camper.

That leads me into my next point.  I'm so sick of my winter clothes!!!  I'm ready to wear skirts and dresses and capri pants to work.  And short sleeves!  Not today though, with a high of 44 whopping  degrees.  Instead I decided to wear my jeggings - a mix between jeans and leggings.  (I bought them at Target last week for $8, great investment!)  I figured it was the only way I could get away with wearing "jeans".  Not to mention, they are super comfortable!  And look great with Uggs.  And since it's cold, I'm not wearing anything other than my Uggs.

Anyway, I looked and looked and looked for my jeggings this morning.  Even woke up the hubs to see if he knew where they were!  I spent a solid 10 minutes searching for them...on the bench, under the bed, on the drying rack, in my drawers, in HIS drawers.  Not an easy thing to do when I have less than an hour to get ready.  Ten minutes is like 16% of my morning.  After throwing a fit and cursing myself for not being more tidy, I finally find them folded in my closet, with all my jeans...right where they belong.  Ugh. 

Now I laugh at myself and have a good story to blog about, but an hour ago, I was NOT happy! 

And then I remembered I was out of coffee.  Oh well, it's a small thing I guess.

I'll just keep telling myself: 8 more, 8 more, 8 more, 8 more......

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