This semester, for the first time ever, I have welcomed a student teacher into my classroom.  I had a pretty great experience as a student teacher (I mean, as great as it can be when you're "working" for free, working another part-time job for $, and still attending class) and I wanted to offer the same experience to another teacher wannabe.  I decided that with 3 1/2 years under my belt, I felt comfortable enough to put myself in that position.

It is very interesting, to say the least.  It has its fair share of positives (student teachers are good test graders!) but also some negatives.  Rather than focus on those, I'll tell you what I've learned about myself. 

First off, I've learned that I'm a pretty darn good math teacher.  (Ok, I sort of already knew that.)  I get excited about teaching and the kids get excited about learning.  About learning MATH!  (Well maybe not excited but at least they buy into it.)  And I explain things very, very well.  And thorough.  And I think I know the kids appreciate that.

I'm also very anal with things, such as the formatting on powerpoints, notes, and worksheets.  And rather than have someone else do something that's not up-to-par to my liking, I'd just soon do it myself.  I'm kind of a control freak.  One of the concerns of my student teacher's facilitator is that he hasn't officially "taken over".  That's just as much my fault as his though.  It's extremely hard for me to "give up" my kids.  I'm afraid there's something he won't tell them, or something that won't be taught correctly.  Of course, if he was a stellar student teacher, I'd have less of a problem doing so.  We'll just leave it at that...

I'm also pretty organized.  No, really organized.  I'm not even sure organized is the correct word!  I've always known that I have a few OCD-tendencies, but having a student teacher proves how bad it really is! 

When I'm at work, every single thing has a place.  Things fit perfectly, and orderly, on my desk.  Papers are stacked nicely and in perfect little piles.  My desk drawers...super organized.  I'm very particular about certain pens and use specific ones for different things (i.e. red Papermate pens for making test keys, black gel pens-size 07 for filling out notes and the same for recording attendance, etc.)  Folders are arranged a specific way.  And my desk is clutter-free.

I'm a freak.  I know this.  And when one little thing is out of place, it's like my universe is falling apart.

My student teacher, for example, leaves paper clips everywhere.  Ahhhhhh!!!  They have a my desk organizer, in my desk drawer.  That's where they belong.  NOT scattered across my desk and on the overhead cart and on the floor.  The average person probably wouldn't even notice one small paper clip.  But I do!

When he puts my seating chart folder back incorrectly, I notice!!!  It's always rotated and upside-down.  Grrrr....

I can't work when things are out of place.  I literally have to fix them before I can move on.  And I can't help the way my mind works.  It's not normal, I know.

I try very discretely to correct these things that drive me absolutely crazy, but without him noticing.  I'm not sure if I hide it very well or not.  He probably thinks I'm a huge weirdo.

Oh well.  I'm not ashamed.  It's what works for me in my classroom.  There may be some abnormal/freakish things about me, but like I said before, I'm a darn good teacher and that's all that matters. =)

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  1. I'm just happy when I get "the underwear goes on the inside" part right...