Family Visit & Superbowl Weekend

This weekend my mom, dad, Uncle Chip, cousin Nathan, Aunt Mary, and cousin Bridget came to KC to visit. Nathan participated in a wrestling tournament on Saturday at Mill Valley. It was fun to see him wrestle. He was pinned in his first match, pinned his opponent in his second, and put up a good fight (but lost) in his third. Saturday night we went to Oklahoma Joe's for some good 'ole KC barbecue.

Uncle Chip with his full slab of ribs

The fam at Oklahoma Joe's

The fam left around noon yesterday.  We had some friends over last night for the Superbowl.  Nothing crazy...just good food, good friends, and good football.  I wasn't cheering for either team, but was secretly hoping for a Packers win since former hawkeye Brian Bulaga plays for them.  I always root for my hawks!

Hubby being helpful in the kitchen

Meatball subs with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion = YUMMO

Part of the group, after 4 had already left :(

My favorite part of the night was the halftime show.  I love the Black Eyed Peas (Dirty Bit) and was excited that, for the first time since the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" (yeah, right just so happened to have a nipple ring on......cause, ya know, I wear those all the time underneath my clothing), there was a performer younger than 50!  (Sorry Craig, I know you love Bruce Springsteen.)  I thought the show was great!  Love the variety of songs they sang, love the dancers with the lights on them, and LOVE that Usher surprised us with OMG.  (That song will forever remind me of our wedding reception and the great time we had that night!)  So what if it wasn't perfect singing?!  It's not American Idol, it's a Superbowl performance.  Kind of like a Britney Spears concert.  You don't go expecting to see a great go for the entertainment.  Whatever haters, you can hate all you want, but I loved it!!!

Speaking of haters, how 'bout Xtina's oops moment during the Star-Spangled Banner?  I, of course, didn't notice until my Facebook blew up with status updates!  My favorite part of her goof...there's a Packers player that whispered to his teammate "She messed up."  Hilarious!  Don't believe me?  Here's proof.  Go to around 0:55 in the video and watch the Packers player to the far right of the screen. 

And before you diss her too much, have you tried singing the National Anthem from start to finish?  I dare you to try.  It's not as easy as you'd think!  Neither Craig nor I could sing it correctly last night.  Go ahead and try, no one is listening. =)

And finally, the best news of all!  Congrats to our friends Josh and Rachel on their new baby boy, Brayden Robert Williams!  He was born last night around 10:15 via c-section.  8 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches long.  Couldn't have been a more perfect day for them considering their Packers fans.  Here's a picture of the little Superbowl stud.  I can't wait to meet him!!!!!!!!

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