The Blizzard of Oz???

Yes, you're seeing correctly.  These are the snow fall totals that are expected for the Kansas City area!  13.4 inches here in Olathe!  Still a little hard to believe, especially since there are only a few inches on the ground right now.  Check out Warrensburg, MO.  28.9 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow!!!!!!!!!  I've never even seen that much snow at one time...and I'm from Iowa where it snows a lot!  THAT'S OVER 2 FEET OF SNOW!!  (That's the math teacher in me.)  My poor doggy would be buried!  Not only are we getting a buttload of snow, but it's supposed to be "one of the worst blizzards" in history according to the weather experts.  Again, I'm from Iowa and remember very few (if any) actual blizzards!  So, of course, school was can canceled today.  And probably again tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Today is our last "freebie" day.  If we miss tomorrow (our 5th snow day), we'll have to make it up on a scheduled day off in April.  If we miss a 6th day (very possible as it is only February), we *ugh* have to add days on to the end of the year.  As much as I love snow days, I'd rather have the days off in warm, sunny April and May!  It also royally messes with my lesson plans.  And forces me to redo them AGAIN!!  (Yes, I'm the anal math teacher who plans out every single day prior to the start of the semester.)  Oh well, I suppose I'll get over it.  And I'm sure Kinnick loves having his mommy and daddy home.  Especially since we pawned him off over the weekend so we could have some family fun in Iowa (that's another blog post).

Here's what it looks like out our front door...

As for today, I think I'll dig out all of my scrapbook stuff.  My friend Katie inspired me to start scrapbooking again.  I haven't done anything in over a year.  But to be fair, the wedding plans sort of got in the way.  I've been trying to come up with a good way to organize all of my stuff in the basement and set up a permanent "scrapping" space.  Craig even offered to build some shelves...  Maybe I'll come up with a plan today.  It's a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time!

Stay warm and stay safe!  


  1. So glad I could inspire you. I need to print some more pictures and then I am up for scrapbooking more. I think I am going to ride out this blizzard with Jason but we will have to find time soon to get together and craft. Valentine's Day weekend or the last weekend in February work for me.

  2. Have fun today! I'm pulling my art supplies out also! :) I'm up for a crafting day if you ladies get together.

  3. Poor Kinnick is going to have an interesting time trying to do his "business" in a 3 foot snowbank...

    Enjoy your day off.